2019 Kick Off, Meet Elliot, Quartz Obsessing, Veganuary & The Daily on 2018 (B+A Bulletin #170)

2019 Kick Off, Meet Elliot, Quartz Obsessing, Veganuary & The Daily on 2018 (B+A Bulletin #170)

B+A Breaking

Happy New Year y’all! Did you have a good break?

We’ve hit the ground/airstrip running, with a January workshop hit list that looks something like this (..inhale..) : BergenLondonCopenhagenOaklandNYCShanghai(in23hrs)StockholmPortland

Phew. No time to waste! Here’s your B+A Bulletin #170, 2019 style.

B+A Brilliance

New year, new face. Meet Elliot, our shiniest new Problem Solver. We’ve already workshopped him into spilling his greatest passions and deepest fears (that’s basketball and losing, respectively), but here he is for you in his own words:

Partnerships. Basketball. Plays. Watches. Lives. Competitive. Curious. Gamer. Sneakerhead. Night owl. Sushi. Motivated. ABC = Always Be Closing.

[email protected]. Your new best mate.

B+A Books etc.

New year, new-sletter. One of our fave sources of well researched, digestible and GIF-heavy inbox victuals comes courtesy of Quartz Obsession. With daily deep dives into a massive range of topics – check out today’s on Nutella – it’s our (second) favourite newsletter.

B+A Big Up

New year, new diet. With continually record-breaking numbers in the UK going plant-based for January, the market’s open for companies offering vegan food that doesn’t necessarily go with the traditional hummus-and-hemp lifestyle. And insta accounts like Accidentally Vegan UK are lifesavers for highlighting what’s out there for the reluctant Veganuary-er. Anyone for a Nando’s?

B+A Babble

New year, news review. You’re probably already listening to The Daily, the New York Times’ bite-sized podcast hosted by the murmuring congeniality of Michael Barbaro. But in case you aren’t, start with their audio round-up of 2018. It’s the story of the year just passed, narrated entirely through spliced audio clips, and it’s a pretty hypnotic rabbit hole to jump down.

B+A Bye…

It sure feels good to be back. 2019, we’re gonna get on juuust fine.

Team B+A