Manipulative Tech, Elevator Pitches, the Prince of Peckham & Soul of a Nation (B+A Bulletin #97)

B+A Breaking

Hello there, beautiful specimen.

This is Andre, your best mate.

Tamika, Andrew and Rosy are in Portland. Jenny, Ben and I are in London. Our night is their day. When one-half of the team sleeps, the other half rises. Beautiful symmetry, init?

So… bulletin #97

Let’s get crackin’.

B+A Brilliance

As some of you may know, I have been off social media for the past 2 months. What’s changed? Not much. I found a new addiction. It’s called Youtube. Damn it! What makes these websites so more-ish? Tristan Harris seems to have the answers. Watch his TED talk about the manipulative tricks tech companies use to keep you addicted… eek!

B+A Books etc.

Have you ever heard of flash fiction? It’s like, the best thing ever! It can be as short as 6 words or as long as 1000. The New Yorker just released Elevator Pitches, the first in a series of flash-fiction pieces that The New Yorker will be presenting throughout the summer. Train journey sorted!

B+A Big Up

Our dear friends Born n Bread are always up to something fun. Always. This time, they’re bringing the vibes to their local residents in Peckham with a ‘Prince of Peckham Takeover night’ this Friday. Free entry all night. 1 Clayton Road, SE15 5JA. 9pm-2:30am. You’re welcome 🙂

B+A Babble

You’ve probably heard of the Soul of a Nation exhibition happening at the Tate Modern by now, right? If not, what’s the address of the rock you live under?

The tate calls it the exhibition that contains “era-defining artworks that changed the face of art in America”. Sounds hot, no? Treat yourself this weekend.

B+A Bye…

Time is the only real currency. Spend it all being unapologetically sexy.

See you next week…

Team B+A x