The House of St Barnabas Address, Rachel Whiteread, Physics class & Facial Recognition (B+A Bulletin #104)

The House of St Barnabas Address, Rachel Whiteread, Physics class & Facial Recognition (B+A Bulletin #104)

B+A Breaking

NiHao y’all,

How are things? So, this digital relationship we’re building is cool and all, but we’re fans real world interaction too. B+A are teaming up with The House of St. Barnabas to deliver a new annual event in London’s cultural calendar. No big deal. This year’s inaugural event is a lecture on the theme of encouragement delivered by musician, DJ, founder of Run Dem Crew and presenter/ mentor on BBC TV’s Mind over Marathon, Charlie Dark. St Barnabas was the patron saint of encouragement. And in these complex times we’ve never needed more encouragement to live better, to be better.


P.S. Sorry we’re shouting. We get a bit shouty when we’re excited, you see…

B+A Brilliance

Jenny visited The Tate Britain this week to see renowned contemporary artist Rachel Whiteread’s exhibition. The image above is her work ‘one hundred spaces.’ They are resin castings of the space below 100 chairs. The content of her artwork is absence, well, the lack of absence really. Whiteread not only solidifies empty space, but also chooses areas, that normally pass unnoticed. Look past the obvious innit, great things happen.

B+A Books etc.

We had our Book Club this week, you know the usual Tuesday lunchtime : tea, sandwiches, banter, discussing our understanding of reality, physics and faith. Woah. There seems to be a continuing theme in our world this week – there is no such thing as a real void, a space that is completely empty…

Carlo Rovelli, author of ‘Seven Brief Lessons on Physics’, argues that voids cannot exist. Heavy amirite? Needs a whole explanation, not just a sentence in a newsletter amirite? Listen to the author himself here. The B+A lite-lesson – stop driving yourself cray when hitting nothingness/ silence/ lack of, and think about the meaning – it has to be saying something yo.

On to the next book… order this gem which has been recommended as “the best book on creativity, ever.” Don’t sleep on it, read along, and let us know your musings on the matter.

B+A Big Up


Amanda Wang is in the house. Our Shanghainese teamie is in the office this week, switching up the vibes and taking care of business, as always. She’s been running the city, and is guest-featuring her experience next week #yasss. However, in the meantime here’s an exhibition by people who call the big smoke their home. Set against the backdrop of the housing crisis, No Place Like Home by Jonathan Donovan is a series of portraits and audio testimonies of Londoners in their homes, from subways to mansions. Open daily from the 16th – 22nd September, 10am-6pm at Platform, Southwark.

B+A Babble


The innate human ability to read faces is a thing of wonder. We have a place in our brains colloquially called the Fusiform Face Area dedicated to the task. Tech is trying its darnedest to catch up though. Word on the street is that the new iPhone will use facial recognition to unlock the home screen. A plethora of Chinese businesses leapfrogged Western counterparts by commercialising this innovation yonks ago. Is facial recognition just another technological fad, or will it truly change society?


B+A Bye…

Check ya next week with an introduction to our brand new team member. Ooowee #8.

Lovely spending time with you, as ever.
Team B+A x