Afrikan Boy, Homo Deus, Google Earth Voyager, Think and Reflect & Earth Day (B+A Bulletin #81)

Happy Wednesday – feels kinda premature for us UK folk right? Well, we hope that you had time to recoup and reset over the long weekend. As you’re probably squeezing 5 days of work in to 4 this week we’ll keep it bitesized this week. Welcome, welcome, grab a cuppa and lets get to it…

B+A Brilliance

We bumped in to Afrikan Boy at Boxpark yesterday. He’s getting ready for his performance at MIA’s Meltdown at the Southbank. She is “bringing together new outlaw musicians from everywhere, who have contributed to keeping things weird, exciting, opinionated, loud, emotional and brave.”

Check out his blend of afrobeat, hip hop and dance here (its free too):


The Clore Ballroom, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall 

10 Jun 2017 

10:30 pm

B+A Books etc.  

Similarly to how the industrial revolution created a working class, the technological revolution will create a useless class, according to Yuval Noah Harari. The revered academic’s new book ‘Homo Deus’ explores the projects, dreams and nightmares that will shape the 21st century—from overcoming death to creating artificial life. Click the picture above for a very provocative 60 minute glimpse in to what the future may (or may not) hold. Crystal ballin’.

B+A Big Up 

Public Service Announcement: the Google Earth redesign is outta this world yo. Google have collaborated with a number of charities, scientists and storytellers including O.G David Attenborough for a new feature called Voyager, which has more than 50 immersive stories and interactive guided tours of our wonderful planet. Download Chrome, if you haven’t already and get exploring…

B+A Babble

This is a short read from the New York Times on the importance of carving out time to really think and reflect because“if you spend all your time collecting new information, you won’t leave enough time to make sense of it.” Don’t play yourself yo. Try and see if a ‘Schultz Hour’ may work for you. We’d personally recommend more than one a week though – come on your brain is better than that, give yourself some props.

B+A Bye…

In honour of Earth Day on Saturday, our unsolicited advice of the week goes a little something like this: go paperless, take tote bags to shop and try to go meat-free once in a while, you know, if you want – it really is quite important though.

Be good to yourselves. See you on the flip side.

Team B+A x