Ahead of the Curve, The Meaning of Belief, 4 Cities in 24 Hours & Goldilocks Revisited (B+A Bulletin #148)

Ahead of the Curve, The Meaning of Belief, 4 Cities in 24 Hours & Goldilocks Revisited (B+A Bulletin #148)


How are you all on this fine day?
A little bit late in the day huh? Fear not, we’re still here. We still gotcha. Buckle yourselves in, it’s B+A Bulletin 147…

Scrap that…

It’s Thursday. I accidentally scheduled to send instead of sending.
Delayed gratification perhaps?
Nonetheless. Let’s gettit. B+A Bulletin 147 let’s goooo…..

B+A Brilliance

Award winning graphic artist Frith Kerr invites designers llse Crawford, Lyn Harris, Gitta Gschwendnter, Nina Chakrabarti, Roksanda Ilincic and Kitty Travers to respond to the female artists collected by Ernö and Ursula Goldfinger. We’ve had a reminder of the bad-assery (yes it is a word) of Lee Miller through this one. Get yourself down to explore Ahead of the Curve if you can.

B+A Books etc.

Religion can be an immense and all-encompassing affair. Delving into faith and religion is one of Tamika’s things. Tim Crane has written a thoughtful and carefully considered book which aims to correct the misleading picture of religious belief promoted by many contemporary atheists. Crane attempts to paint a more accurate picture of religion (and faith, more accurately) for unbelievers. Nice one Tim.

B+A Big Up

Here’s Andre, working hard and playing hard in Moscow yesterday. Big up to team #proj-consumerinsights. After conducting a B+A workshop in 24hours in 4 cities across the globe, we then rolled 20+ people deep in a Skype to discuss what we’d all discovered. Bonus points for nailing the agenda, and finishing bang.on.time. Team work making the co-creation dream work.

B+A Babble

Re-wind back to 2012 when Andrew got us thinking about telling the tale of Goldilocks in an entirely new way. Relevant then, relevant now: telling tales with data

B+A Bye…

’til next time, friends.
Tick one important, but not urgent thing off your to-do list. You know – only if you want to.

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