Andre’s Big Day Out (B+A Bulletin #88)

Oh hiiiiiiiiiiii there gang. Weird to see you on a Thursday, but we kinda like it. Andre came in to the office this morning with a souvenir from his trip to the zoo. Promise we won’t do this often, but this is a one-time indulgence we thought you may appreciate. Enjoy…

B+A Brilliance

B+A Brilliance Pt.2 

B+A Brilliance Pt.3 

B+A Brilliance Pt.4

B+A Bye…

That’s all folks. Extra unsolicited advice: get yoselves down to London Zoo, strike a pose and feel fabulous #yasssss.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend. Love, Team B+A


** By the way, if you’re looking for B+A Bulletin #87, it doesn’t actually exist. Not because we’re weirdly superstitious about the number 87 or anything, we just got our sums wrong #bants