Barney Bubbles, Straight No Chaser, BBC Pidgin & The Nova Building (B+A Bulletin #103)

B+A Breaking

Why hello there friends…

How are you? Whagwan? What’s the craic? Hope all is well and good in your worlds. Guess what? 100% of the B+A team is in ‘the office’ a.k.a London (just because we don’t like to sit behind our desks too long you see). Let’s get to edition 103 of the B+A Bulletin yo.

B+A Brilliance

Rosy saw an exhibition of Barney Bubbles work, at a new gallery space opened by Rob Tufnell. The galleries in a great space on Lambeth Walk no less – check it out right hurr. Bubble was responsible for did the great Crown Wallpaper and Do It Yourself Ian Dury album covers. OG in the game. Don’t sleep on this one.

B+A Books etc.

Ten years ago ‘Straight No Chaser‘ magazine ceased to exist after distributing their 97th edition. Fast-forward to September ’17 and they’re back with their focus on releasing #SNC100. They’re back, bigger and badder because “this planet is a very scary and totally deranged place – the fight for cultural space is more important than ever.” Check out Born ‘n’ Bread’s ad amongst the pages too, designed and sponsored by yours truly.

B+A Big Up

Never in the history of the B+A Bulletin have we been so excited about a ‘big up’ – okay, that might be a reach, but this one is up there. The British Broadcasting Corporation have a new language service for digital platforms in English-based Pidgin for West and Central Africa. Informative, to-the-point and sometimes (unintentionally) humorous. Sample headline about North Korea: “Kim Jong-Un refuse to listen to wetin dem talk” – BBC you have done well well, my friend.

B+A Babble

So, according to judges of the ‘UK’s ugliest building competition 2017’ the Nova Building is “one of the worst office developments central London has ever seen”, and one that “sets a new benchmark for dystopian dysfunction.” Whereas, the architects (PLP) described the £380m office complex as a “distinct and architecturally daring” building. Thoughts, feelings, plans of action to destroy it perhaps, anyone?

B+A Bye…

Before we get gone, just in case you (like thousands of others) are in the process of trying to eat more vegan food – here are some ‘junk’ spots – no blood, no bones obvs. It all tastes pretty damn good whether you’re vegan or not – we’re big fans of Cook Daily at Boxpark personally. Niiiiice.

Love always, Team B+A x