Jambinai, Bug’s 37 Things, Sophie Ebrard & the NYT (B+A Bulletin #54)


B+A’s team outings are always one to remember…

This week we went to see Jambinai, a post-rock band from Seoul perform live from Oslo, Hackney to celebrate Ben’s return from Korea. These guys are more than a mere rock band, they are more like a force of nature. We swindled our way right to the front to witness the most controlled, thoughtful and badass rockstars we ever did see.

A fusion of modern and traditional, Jambinai mix jazz, noise and rock with traditional Korean instrumentation. They create a perfect combination of fiery anger and beautiful, soothing ambient sounds. Winners.

Click their picture above to have a listen for yourselves.

B+A Brilliance


BUG London are back with the 16th thing out of 37 that you need to know about Modern Britain. This time around the question is ‘what did the 90’s do for us?’

From New Labour and Cool Britannia to the feminism-lite of the Spice Girls, the 1990s shaped much of how we live today. But what is the true legacy of the decade? Did it usher in a brave new Britain of fun, diversity and forward-looking politics? Or sow the seeds for a more materialist and less equal society than ever before?

Speakers including Miranda Sawyer and Richard Benson debate the pros and cons of a pivotal period and ask if anything about the Nineties is worth saving or if we need to forget the decade in order to face the future.

Tickets available here. Get em whilst you still can!

Wednesday 19th October 2016 

Chapel at The House of St Barnabas.

Doors open at 6:30pm, the event will start at 7:30pm.

B+A Books Etc.  


A couple things from the B+A Books section this week:

1. We’ll share our thoughts on ‘Into the Woods’ by John Yorke next week, but as a little teaser we’re leaving you with a talk from the main main himself. Click the picture above for a 45 minute talk on how, and more importantly why, we tell stories. It was an resounding positive review from our camp.

2. ‘Rework: change the way you work’ is the second book we’re reading as a B+A collective. If you haven’t already read it (or still have it sitting on the bookshelf in pristine condition) we’d love for you to read it alongside us. We’re aiming to get it done in a couple of weeks time. Watch this space.

B+A Big Up 


This week we’re bigging up a mega-gifted photographer we’ve kindly been introduced to. Rather than being defined by any singular theme, Sophie Ebrard’s photographs are inspired by the natural beauty and individual characters she stumbles upon during her travels. Check out her impressive body of work here.

B+A Babble


Our wonderful client, the National Youth Theatre, is in its 60th year, that’s special. The NYT’s REP project, in which 16 young actors work full-time for nine months, culminates in a West End run. Last week, we went to go and see their adaptation of Stephen Kelman’s ‘Pigeon English’ at the Ambassadors Theatre. We were mesmerised from start to finish. Support the work they do and have a wonderful evening watching genuinely talented rising stars. Win win.

The full list of dates are available here. Showing until late November.

B+A Bye…

Hope you’re absolutely killin’ this week thus far. Until next time you wonderful bunch!