Christmas, B+A Badges, Simon Frederick, Diversity Breeds Tokenism & F*** Work (B+A Bulletin #65)

So its that time of the year again. The offices are eerily quiet, lunch has become a vital hour to pick up last-minute gifts and we’ve consumed more alcohol this month than we have in the previous 11 – it’s Christmas-time, yassss. Whether you’re celebrating or not, we’re wishing you a wonderful break – take care of yo’selves + treat yo’selves.

P.S. As a little heads up, we’ll be packing up shop for 2016 at B+A HQ from this Thursday afternoon until Jan 3rd.

B+A Brilliance

Yeah we’re our own brilliance this week. Toot toot. Here’s an excluse look of our new B+A sweatshirt with very important badges designed by the Imagist crew. More to come of this in the new year though – see, 2017 is already looking more promising innit?

B+A Babble

We were privileged enough to have a chinwag with Simon Frederick, director of Black is the New Black. We chatted vision + technique over muesli, coffee and laughs. We’ll kick off the 2017 bulletin with some nuggets of wisdom from him, and boy does he have some gold for us…

B+A Books etc.  

Long-time B+A friend, Lemara, wrote a wonderful piece featured on ‘It’s Nice That” – a post election view on the US creative industry. It’s entitled ‘Diversity breeds Tokenism’ – no mincing of words round here. Click here and read her take on the state of affairs at the moment.

B+A Big Up 

We’re bigging up Louis de la Moriniere this week – he came down to the first Ghostwriter’s Society book huddle. This Sir is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We were disseminating, discussing and, umm reworking ‘ReWork’ last week.

Today he sent over this little provocative article entitled ‘F work’  [you know, just in case there are any 8-year-olds signed up to receive our newsletter]. The article analyses employment on a deep and nuanced level but  one thing we noticed is that it never really talks about the nature of what work really is, apart from a renumeration for time. Zzzz – can you imagine how dull that must be.

Big large up to Louis for putting us on to Aeon too.

B+A Bye…

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas-time. Be good, be bad, rest, recoup and be a rockstar. Yup.

2017. Let’s do this.