Ethos, Orchestras, Museum of Failure, Modern Work is Rubbish & Sherry Turkle (B+A Bulletin #82)

Happy Wednesday, beautiful readers! Had a good week so far? Ours have been pretty grand. Andrew is over in Shanghai. Tamika is hanging out with the cool kids in NY. Ben, Nina, and Jenny are quietly planning world domination. I, Andre, have the great pleasure making sure you get the best bits of what the world had to offer this week through our bulletin. Let’s get into it!

B+A Brilliance

Created by Falcon Chen in the Xuhui District of Shanghai, the shop is called Eth0s, and it’s gothic to the core (see the years of candle wax on the ledge above the stairwell as you walk in). It was there that we met Elf. Elf is a fashion designer and clothing connoisseur – her favourite designer is the British Elena Dawson. Elf reminded Andrew how, in a world of digital stores, and instant gratification, nothing beats texture, feel, scent and emotion for transporting you to a deeper human condition.

B+A Break Down

The question of the week comes from Nina. If you have any interesting points to make on this subject please send her an email! We would love your input!! [email protected]

B+A Big Up 

“Interesting thing I saw this week is a new museum in Sweden dedicated to failure. There is some hilarious stuff in here (Bic for Her?) but it’s interesting to think about what you can learn from other’s mistakes. Why is it so enjoyable to think about other people’s shortcomings? Erasmus might say it is because it makes us feel less foolish about our own. It is so freeing to have permission to make mistakes but being laughed at by other people is the big downside. I bet Pepsi have learned a few things after their epic-fail” — Jenny

B+A Babble

Long hours, low pay, endless emails, sexist bosses, stupid meetings, management-speak… when did modern work become quite so awful? [Not our work though. Our work is pretty awesome…in our humble opinion :)] Join our beloved Jenny and the BUG team on the 4th May as they discuss the triumphs and perils of modern work. Purchase your tickets here.

B+A Bye…

Unsolicited advice of the week: Get off your phone and interact with the real world. Thanks for the kick up the back-side, Sherry Turkle.

Team B+A x