B+A is recruiting – a software developer

We’re recruiting again, and this time we’re after our first techie. And as you’ll be our first (so you might not know us yet) allow me to introduce ourselves again…

Well hello there. B+A is a problem solving business. We unlock better answers faster by exploring three simple questions for our clients:

_What’s going on around us?

_Where should we go from here? and

_How can we get the best from our people.

But we don’t just consult to answer these questions, we also make things. To help our clients unlock better answers faster themselves.

Intros done, now the bits you need to know:

The next thing we’re making will need computer software, so we need someone to join us and lead this process.

Here’s the kind of thing you’ll need to know how to build:

1. A database driven website (that will primarily be used on mobile) that will feature…

2. A dual-sided front-end marketplace, where service suppliers and consumers can create, upload and maintain a profile of themselves (so this will incorporate a profile back-end that they can access)

3. A database-led content management system / back-end that we can track and interact with all service suppliers and consumers.

4. A real time ecommerce/payments platform, so payments can be made and tracked.

You’ll have demonstrable success showing you can code and build things yourself, and you’ll also have experience managing the people who you might be calling upon (for instance, other coders, developers or designers).

For the duration of the build project, which we anticipate will take around six months, you will be a full-time member of the team, working in our Shoreditch office alongside the other members of the B+A team. If the six month project goes well, we’ll look to make your appointment permanent.

For more on the kind of place we are, and the kind of person that we look to hire, have a look at our website, our blog and our last recruitment ad.

If you’re interested in this role, please email your CV and a covering letter (or other creative, appropriate form of communication), indicating why you think you’re the right person, and why we’re the right place for you to [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you!