B+A on Monocle, Deadpool, Musician Behind the Moment & Trade Union Congress (B+A Bulletin #138)

B+A on Monocle, Deadpool, Musician Behind the Moment & Trade Union Congress (B+A Bulletin #138)

Happy Wednesday!

Feeling good?

Tamika, Ade, and the amazing Cara Robinson are traveling from NYC to LA to LDN, speaking with 72 women of colour in 3 weeks. (Light Work).

The rest of us are in London, drinking the tea and doing the things.
This weeks bulletin is brought to you by your best mate Andre Anderson.


B+A Bulletin #138 — Let’s get this started…

B+A Brilliance

Ben and Andrew are featured in the new Monocle podcast, The Entrepreneurs, talking about the importance of business culture. Have a listen!

B+A Books etc.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the marketing around the new superhero flick, Deadpool 2. For those unfamiliar with the character, Deadpool has the unique ability of ‘breaking the forth wall’. Simply put, he is always aware that he is a fictional character in a story, watched by a real-life audience. The marketing around this new film does exactly that and breaks the forth wall of every medium Deadpool appears in. From Celine Dion’s new single, to gatecrashing the Stephen Colbert show, Deadpool never drops his fictional persona. He is always trolling you, the viewer, in the most hilarious (and sometimes awkward) ways. Keep your eyes out for anything Deadpool related in the coming month. It’s a great example of how marketing can be used to extend the life of a fictional world.

B+A Big Up

We love it when a plan comes together. Our work with the British Musicians’ Union to highlight the people behind great orchestral performances went public this week. The Musician Behind the Moment has been brought to life beautifully to life. Have a goosy gander here.

B+A Babble

In the inner atrium of London’s Trade Union Congress, visiting Frances O’Grady and Antonia Bance, Andrew spied this secret wonder: Sir Jacob Epstein’s moving tribute to the strength of community in times of war. Marvellous.


B+A Bye…

Goodbye now.
Drink loads of water.
Delete something.

…Till next time.

Love, Team B+A x