BalletBoyz, School of Communication Arts, Journeys with the Waste Land & Forensic Science (B+A Bulletin #136)

BalletBoyz, School of Communication Arts, Journeys with the Waste Land & Forensic Science (B+A Bulletin #136)

Happy Wednesday.
How are you? What’s new?

Hoping that you’ve been living your best life this week, whatever that means to you. We’re spinning lots of plates, metaphorically of course, over here at camp B+A and celebrating the little wins along the way. Yasss.

This is B+A Bulletin 136 people. Come through, make yourself at home…

B+A Brilliance

Nicola took a trip to Sadler’s Wells to see the BalletBoyz, the all-male company founded by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt. Fourteen Days gave four choreographers two weeks to make a new work, each teaming up with a different composer – courageous – big fans. They’re currently on a UK tour, so keep your eye out for tickets.

B+A Books etc.

The School of Communication Arts are renowned for their work. They recognise that aspiring copywriters, art directors, creatives and designers are pursuing a vocation, and that universities are probably not the best place for vocational learning. So they did a super bespoke thing by creating an accelerated course – Andrew and Andre volunteered as mentors today, and gave the students feedback on their portfolios. Nice. Word on the street : London’s young talent is talented as ever.

B+A Big Up

Way back when, sometime in the 20th Century (accurate), T.S. Eliot spent a few weeks in Margate at a crucial moment in his career. He arrived in a fragile state, physically and mentally, and worked on ‘The Waste Land’. In 2015, 35 local volunteers, formed a group, which spent three years evolving its approaches to the poem’s complex tangle of themes. Tamika reckons ‘Journeys with the Waste Land‘, is a beautifully diverse community project. Well worth a visit if you’re in Margate… catch it quick though.

Until Monday May 8th
The Turner Contemporary

B+A Babble

Anyone else’s Netflix suggestions all revolving around criminality, justice and forensics at the moment? Just me? Whilst CSI would have you believe forensic evidence is a done-deal, Ruth Morgan (the director of the Centre for Forensic Sciences at UCL) delves into the way this evidence can be misread or misinterpreted – and the consequences it can have in criminal cases. Important (and rigorous) work.

B+A Bye…

Goodbye now!. We’ll be counting down the days ’til we can hang again…

Love, Team B+A