#beagoalkeeper, Big Capital, Tesla in Puerto Rico & MTV Shuga (B+A Bulletin #110)

#beagoalkeeper, Big Capital, Tesla in Puerto Rico & MTV Shuga (B+A Bulletin #110)

Mornin’/ afternoon/ evenin’ y’all. Hope you’re having a splendid week thus far.

So, the entire B+A team are outta the office this week. All working hard and away from our desks in Portland, New York and Manchester, England. Lovely. There’s a world outside your manor, just like there’s a world outside your office. Word to Andrew Missingham who sent this from Oregon: “As the seasons change towards winter, Andrew and Rosy are lucky enough to be where the trees riot and rage against the dying of the light.” Poetry to our ears. Let’s get to it #110…

B+A Brilliance

This week Tamika is in Manchester working with 11 girls from Korea, China, Brazil and the USA to help them set and achieve their long term goals. Have a look at what we’re up to by searching #beagoalkeeper on social media, or search ‘Chevrolet FC’. Either or. Take a look at the faces in the picture – they’re all bosswomen to be, for sure.

B+A Books etc.

Public Service Announcement: team B+A are currently reading ‘Big Capital – Who is London For?’ Anna Minton seeks to explain why the property market is broken, and who is to blame. Get your copy here and let us know your thoughts, or if you’re keen – drop us an email to join us at our book club – you’re more than welcome…

B+A Big Up

Tesla has used its solar panels and batteries to restore reliable electricity at San Juan’s Hospital del Niño, in what company founder Elon Musk calls “the first of many solar+battery Tesla projects going live in Puerto Rico.” The project came about after Puerto Rico was hit by two devastating and powerful hurricanes in September, and Musk immediately reached out about Tesla helping with their expertise. More blurred lines between good business and ‘doing good’ please.

B+A Babble

MTV Shuga follows a cast of young people as they handle life’s challenges, including scenarios that put them at risk of contracting HIV. Public health interventions often focus on education but despite this knowledge they still don’t take steps to protect themselves. Behaviour change campaigns like MTV Shuga try to bridge that gap. Now MTV is hoping to expand its model into Egypt and India with two spin-off series exploring topics relevant to their new settings, like female genital mutilation and gender-based violence. Keep your eyes peeled.


B+A Bye…

Good night guys. Be good to yourselves and yours. Have a happy All Hallow’s Eve if you’re celebrating too! Love, team B+A x