Ben in Japan, Grayson Perry, Khadija Saye & Nelly Ben (B+A Bulletin #92)

Can’t lie, the weather in London is looking real sexy right now. Grab a six pack of Calippos and a ten pack of Capri Suns. Take an extended trek around your block and catch a bit of rays. Tan up, turn up.

Welcome to Bulletin #92, we missed you.

Tamika & Rosy is out in Portland causing a ruckus, as per. I, Andre, decided to hijack this week’s Bulletin. The rest of us are travelling all over the gaff. Ben, in particular, will be on his way to Tokyo next week. If you’re in Tokyo (or happen to know someone who is) give Ben a shout, he would love to have a chat with you over a hottokohi!

…Alright, Bulletin #92, let’s get into it.

B+A Brilliance

Looking for somewhere to go this weekend? No worries, we got you sorted. The Serpentine Gallery presents ‘ The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever’ (that’s the title, no joke) by Grayson Perry. The works touch on many themes including popularity and art, masculinity and the current cultural landscape. The admission is free too. Sweet. Have more of a read about it here.

B+A Benevolence

In heavier news, one of the souls we lost last week in the Granfell Tower burning was 24-year-old artist Khadija Saye. Her photographic piece ‘Sothiou’ is being exhibited in Tate Britain until the end of June in memory of the Granfell Tower victims. If you are wondering how you can contribute to this cause, an option is to donate to the Khadija Saye Memorial Fund, a fund set up by Nicola Green, Dave Lewis and Ingrid Swenson to support young artists like Khadija to realise their potential.

B+A Big Up

Rosy recently introduced us to the mastermind (and probably the modern-day equivalent of Einstein) that is Nelly Ben. She is an experience designer, creative, and founder of ‘The University of the Underground’. Her unending stream of enthusiasm and creativity energy is contagious, and quite inspiring (to say the least). Check out her brilliant and self-proclaimed “intense” keynote about ‘Designing the Impossible’.

B+A Babble

We have a small favour to ask, guys. We’re currently looking for senior execs and owners in for-profit businesses, arts organisations and charities to complete a short survey for B+A, looking at factors that contribute to business performance.

If this is you, we would really love to have your input! It takes no longer than 5 to 7 minutes to fill in. Nice!

B+A Bye…

Go offline this weekend. Disconnecting from the noise, though uncomfortable at first, gives you a unusual and soothing sense of serenity. Trust us now, thank us later.

Love, Team B+A x