Blinkist, California: Designing Freedom, Londoners, Magnum Photos & Vote! (B+A Bulletin #90)

Hello, hi… you beautiful specimen.

You feeling good?

Welcome to bulletin #90.

Tamika is taking a break. It’s Andre on the decks.

“What’s with the black package?” I hear you ask. It’s just another one of our in-house projects. I’m not too sure if I can say any more than that, tbh. But if you see any of us in person, ask us about the black package. We might just spill the beans on ya.

Sidenote: If you’re one of the few that happens to get this package sent to your house in the next few days,  we’ll see you next Wednesday 😉

B+A Books

It seems like sitting down and enjoying long-form literature is becoming a bit of a lost art. “I don’t seem to have the time anymore” appears to be the #1 default excuse that seeps from people’s lips when asked about their reading habits (or lack thereof). Blinkist decided to work with that factor, rather than against it. Blinkist have a collection of 1500 non-fiction books that are condensed into “Blinks”. You can now get through some of the world’s best selling non-fiction titles in just 15mins. Yup, 15mins. Now there’s no excuse not to be a genius.

B+A Brilliance 

“Technology changed, like, everything, man” — *My horrible Californian Surfer impersonation*

The good people at the Design Museum is showcasing California, an exhibition that explores the political, cultural and ideological shifts that moulded California into the technological super-power that it is today.

The exhibition ends in October, but why leave it till the last minute?

Treat yourself this weekend.

B+A Big Up 

This week’s big-up goes out to all the awesome Londoners who showed courage and compassion last weekend. Every local who opened their doors to strangers. Drivers who offered free taxi rides. Smile-givers and tea-sharers. We know how to keep it compassionate and calm even in a time of crisis. Pat yourself on the back, Londoners. We’re an alright bunch.

B+A Babble

This is very short notice… but we would feel like a bad friend if we didn’t tell you. If purchasing prints is your thing, you’ll be delighted to find out that the infamous Magnum Photos is having a print sale this week. Prints are going for $100 (£77) each. They normally would sell for grands (just so you know…for price comparison). This is not a drill. Find yourself on their website. Sale ends this Friday 6pm EST. You’re welcome 🙂

B+A Bye…

Make sure you vote tomorrow. Afterwards, spend the next few nights eating cake and ice cream whilst binge-watching House of Cards without a drop of shame or regret. You deserve it.

Love, Team B+A x