Blockchain, St Barnabas Address, Nandos & Uber (B+A Bulletin #112)

Blockchain, St Barnabas Address, Nandos & Uber (B+A Bulletin #112)

Hi pals.

This is a thing we made earlier that a) made us think about the collective message we project to the world and b) gave us a heap of lols. It’s the B+A starter pack. Spot on or not quite there? Your feedback welcome, as ever. For those of you new to the ‘starter pack meme’ corner of Instagram, have a look through this account and be self-deprecating enough to recognise where you fit – good fun.

B+A Bulletin 112, let’s get it, let’s get it…

B+A Brilliance

Firstly we’d like to highlight the brilliance of Rosy Head’s genes. Secondly, we’d like to bring your attention to the massive potential of cryptocurrency Blockchain, as explained by Rosy’s cousin, Olly. If you click one link in this newsletter, CLICK THIS and prepare to have your mind blown in approx 8 minutes.

A glimpse to the not-so-distant future (yeah, we know nothing dates faster!) : the only way to be a member and gain access to certain networks and spaces may be to source and own the associated blockchain tokens. People could use their blockchains to consume services and own limited edition digital content. Take this a step further, demand for blockchains could potentially rise not just according to the badassery (yes, it is a word) of the things people can get their hands on, but also on whether the values of the brands are in alignment with the customer’s. Hypothetically, of course but woah.

B+A Books etc.

This right here is a special one. The House of St Barnabas and B+A collaborated to launch the inaugural St Barnabas Address last month: an annual keynote on the subject of encouragement. If you missed out on being there IRL, now you can soak up the goodness and learnings in a podcast version.

In a story that features his extraordinary Ghanaian mother, Tim Westwood, Malcolm McClaren and an inspiring supporting cast, Charlie Dark weaves a compelling tale that goes from humble south London roots, on to private school, then to becoming an acclaimed record producer, DJ and latterly the creator of the mass running movement, Run Dem Crew. If you want to be uplifted, click right hurrr.

B+A Big Up

It’s difficult to fathom now, but there was a time when there was no such thing as a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ – a darker time we’d rather forget. Peri-peri cuisine is loved so much by the good people of the UK that last week they were crowned the ‘Nations Favourite Restaurant’ (as voted for by the public) at The Eat Out Awards. B+A would like to congratulate our favourite cockerel-client Barci on the win. Nice work pal.

B+A Babble

In recent conversations with a bunch of 20-something London-dwellers, the brand which was often placed in both the ‘love’ category and the ‘hate’ category was Uber. There is real conflict between personal immediate needs being met (getting home safe and sound at 3am for eleven quid – big win) and the wider needs of society not being met (rampant exploitation of Uber drivers – big loss). Cruel world.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if both drivers and passengers got a fair deal? The New Economics Foundation (NEF) are seeking £30,000 to make this a reality. We’ve got 27 days to donate to the thinktank.


B+A Bye…

Until next time. Keep taking care of you and yours.

P.S. This is your last chance to request a free copy of our WERK zine (please refer to B+A Bulletin #111) for a young person – just drop us an email. Ethan and Amanda yours are on the way, 1st class.

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