Bob Vulfov, BBC Proms, Gundeep Anand & Museum of London (B+A Bulletin #96)

B+A Breaking

Oh hey there you wonderful people,

How’s things? Getting enough rest? Taking care of yourself?

At risk of sounding a tad hippyish – gosh, light and colours are amazing things aren’t they? Anyone who was in London last night for the lightning display will respect that. Andrew is currently bathing under these tungsten technicolor hues in Santa Monica putting in the early shift, to catch us up, back home in London. Whilst Ben is currently in Singapore awaiting a flight to Kuala Lumpar. We’re keeping it local and global this week innit…

B+A Brilliance

Read this Bp. It is entitled ‘Welcome to our startup where everyone is 23 years old because we believe old people are visually displeasing and have bad ideas.’ It is funny AF.  Long live cross-generational working, we say.

B+A Books etc.

Yeah yeah, it says ‘books etc’ so we’re going to err on the side of ‘etc’ this week. Last Friday was the first night of the Proms (if you don’t know, it’s the “worlds greatest classical music festival”, brought to you by the BBC, most of the UK’s greatest and many of the world’s finest orchestras, now in its 122nd year).

Our tips?
Prom  28: The UK’s National Youth Orchestra playing Thomas Adès, August 5th.
Prom 53: Beneath The Underdog – Charles Mingus Revisited (conducted by the Heritage Orchestra’s Jules Buckley), August 24th.
Prom 75: The last night AVOID. It’s horrible, Sept 9th.

So, if you’re in London, try and get to go. And if you don’t think you’re into classical music, think again – seriously, nothing will move you like a shit ton of expert musicians onstage, playing live and unamplified.

B+A Big Up

Gundeep Anand is a 28-year-old director from West London who previously worked at Publicis- he had a blinder of an idea after coaching football on estates in Shepherd’s Bush and Ladbroke Grove. Gundeep has created London’s biggest street football tournament – no biggie. The goal of the tournament, called The Last Stand, is to unite communities and break down social, cultural and religious barriers through sport. Watch the video and clock the authenticity seeping from it. Nice one Gundeep.

B+A Babble

More than 50 percent of the world’s population now reside in cities. Cray right? What does that mean for the future of urban living? The City Is Ours, a new interactive exhibition at the Museum of London, looks at the harsh realities of urbanisation, and what we can do to improve it.
Museum of London. St Paul’s tube. Fri Jul 14-Jan 2 2018. Free entry.

B+A Bye…

Laters. Stay hydrated, water your plants and give someone a genuine compliment today #yassss.

Team B+A x