C is for Celebration, Chijioke, Community & Copycats (B+A Bulletin #100)

C is for…

Switched it up on ya didn’t we? Stay woke.

Today’s, B+A Bulletin is brought to you by the letter C. Why? Because – C is for Centenary. Yep. We’ve brought you a little B+A goodness every week for three figures. Wooooop.

C is for Celebration

For a one-week special only we’re sending out on a Thursday too. Why? Well, the man, the myth, the legend Andrew Missingham is celebrating his 51st year of existence today. If you happen to see him this week, give him a hi-5, a hug and 51 birthday beats. Infinite love from the B+A Team!

C is for Chijioke

Ty Chijioke (better known as Ty), is one of the UK’s best established, most innovative rappers. In a beautiful Bunny Bread directed video, working with the ever innovative jazzre:freshed gang, here’s a beautiful love letter to our capital’s city-within-a-city, Brixton. The Kinks’, William Blake, Zadie Smith, Colin McInnes and now Mr Chijioke. Sit back and breathe London in…

C is for Community

Bill Bishop’s work charts the semantic evolution of the word “community“. His idea is that its shift, from the idea of a sense of place, to the idea of a sense of individual identity, rather than helping bind us, could risk making us more isolated. Hmmm… one to ponder (with friends)…

C is for Copycats

As imitation is the greatest form of flattery, after 100 bulletins, far be it for us to blow our own trumpet (toot toot!) but we’re loving seeing others start to take on our oh-so-friendly B+A tone of voice. Nah really – we are. Spread love, it’s the B+A way…


C is for Ciao

So, until “D” (that’s 500 to everyone who’s not a roman numeral nerd) we’ll be back next week with another regular update with all things B and A. Catch you later!

Team B+A x