Cirkus Cirkör, Peckham Portraits, And Is Phi x Accidental Power Cut & Gillette (B+A Bulletin #171)

Cirkus Cirkör, Peckham Portraits, And Is Phi x Accidental Power Cut & Gillette (B+A Bulletin #171)

B+A Breaking

^^Eyy, would you look at that handsome bunch^^

These smiling faces come all the way from Stockholm, where Adesuwa and Andrew are in the midst of their Scandi tour for the very lovely VSCO. Read about their offstage antics below…

How are you? Well I hope! Settle in, pop ya feet up, here’s your B+A Bulletin #171. Ingen fara på taket!

B+A Brilliance

When Ade and Andrew weren’t doing the workshop thang, they were getting up to all kinds of mischief…not least when they managed to wangle a demo from the insanely talented Cirkus Cirkör (via VSCO workshop participants Selma and Emilia).

This subversive circus company’s portfolio includes performances at the Washington Center, all-female productions and a synchronised swimming show(really). Swedish circus stan moment right here.

B+A Books etc.

Originally shown in the National Portrait Gallery, these massive, intense portraits of Black British Actors by Franklyn Rogers are newly housed outside independent cinema Peckham Plex in SE Ldn. Titled ‘Underexposed’ (though now locally as the Peckham Portraits), they’re worth a look-in for the scale and sentiment alone. And even moreso if you can’t read Fraser James’ cutting caption above.

B+A Big Up

Rejoice! We’re back at the House of St Barnabas on 30 January, for the return of Accidental Power Cut. No plugs. No computers. No phones. Just very beautiful music.

Meet our first performer in the next paragraph (and another next week, etc)…then buy your ticket here.

And Is Phi is a South London based Norwegian-Filipino writer, musician and visual artist. A familiar face on London’s musical and poetry circuits, she has worked with the likes of Hector Plimmer, Emma Jean Thackeray, Brother Portrait and more. Her ‘sway, funk, blue flame’ Sawa Manga project combines folk, electronica, soul and jazz. Her band recently covered Erykah Badu for two sell out nights at the Jazzer’s Cafe.

B+A Babble

In 2019 what exactly is ‘The Best a Man Can Get’? After a suitably rocky year for the unfairer sex, Gillette have added their voice to the masculinity debate, empowering guys to be better in their latest campaign. It’s complex territory for sure – watch the video above and see what you reckon. But anything ruffling Piers Morgan’s plumage is fiiiiine by us.

B+A Bye…

Take care of yourselves guys, and more specifically, keep on flossing. As my dentist always says, “Gum disease is no respecter of lifestyle.”

Team B+A