Corporate Knights, Chuck Close, B+A Badges, Plantain Papers on air, Jane Goodall & Deodorant culture (B+A Bulletin #124)

Corporate Knights, Chuck Close, B+A Badges, Plantain Papers on air, Jane Goodall & Deodorant culture (B+A Bulletin #124)

Sup world? How ya doing?

So, yesterday marked 100 years since some women and all men in Britain got the vote. The Representation of the People Act was passed a century ago. The act was restrictive and overly selective but it did change the face of the electorate dramatically. We’ve come a long way and still have a long way to go #teamintersectionalfeminism.

Bulletin 124 let’s get it, let’s get it…

B+A Brilliance 1

This might have passed you by, but, while a couple of weeks ago the business world was in Davos, Toronto-based Corporate Knights (“the magazine for clean capitalism”) published their top 100 most sustainable companies for 2018. The headline for us? Businesses that do good for the environment, tend to do good in other ways: Listed businesses had three times as many female top executives, paying 27% more tax than the average of multinational firms generating over $1 billion. Speaking of sustainability Andrew is currently perusing the streets of Williamsburg and came across this gem. Trash is for tossers, for real.

B+A Brilliance 2

Public art can veer from the bombast that Tom Wolfe wryly called “the turd in the plaza” to inspiring happenstance. Andrew and Nicola were lucky enough to bump into the latter on the New York Subway yesterday. Take the Q to 86th and you’ll see Chuck Close’s fabulous mosaics including Lou Reed, Philip Glass, Cindy Sherman and the wonderful Kara Walker.

B+A Big Up 1

So big up our favourite film maker, Chris Hyndman, who finished this lovely little piece on the B+A website about our very own badges. Thanks, Chris!

B+A Big Up 2

We had to sneak this segment into the bulletin under Tamika’s nose. She’s way too hush hush to tell you what she gets up to outside of B+A.  Tamika + Lemara Lindsay-Price recently did a 2-hour podcast with The Girlfriends Show on Radar Radio for their newly released zine, Plantain Papers. Topics include:behind-the-scenes stories of producing Plantain Papers, the joy of seeing your mum finally understand what you do, and creating a zine with intergenerational appeal. There’s loads of good music in there too. Listen here & purchase your copy of Plantain Papers here.

B+A Books etc.

This lunchtime, team B+A were praising legend to all generations – the one, the only David Attenborough – when Rosy brought our attention to anthropologist and primatologist, Jane Goodall. She’s got an autobiography packed with tales from her youth during World War II to her adventures in Tanzania as well as the tales of her personal philosophy, spirituality and faith. Consider this an official ‘slept-on-legend-alert’.

B+A Babble

Many ‘Western’ brands and companies have prospered in China in the last decade, but for some cultural and biological differences have led to unexpected failures. Gold star for one of B+A’s research adages (especially when launching deodorant) – always listen with all five senses…


B+A Bye…