CrazyCheuKyi, Do Ho Suh, Stormzy, Richard Florida & Ghostwriters’ Society Volume II (B+A Bulletin #74)

Oh hi there gang. Tamika here in Portland – GMT-8hours innit, hence you getting this bulletin later than usual (eek). Fear not though, we still got ya…

Amanda Wang has come all the way from the Shanghai to hang out with us. She will only be here for a week, which seems to be a good thing because she’s killing us with her coolness. PR, Producer, and partner in crime of B+A. If you’re in area and would like to meet the legend in the flesh, contact her via Instagram @crazycheukyi.

B+A Brilliance

Do Ho Suh: Passages, 

1 February–18 March 2017, Victoria Miro Gallery I, 16 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW.

Korean-born artist Do Ho Suh has made moving around the world—from Seoul to New York to London a crucial part of his work and his identity. The sheer fabric structures representing his many homes evoke a real whirlwind of emotion and uprootedness. Its a dope experience – go visit whilst you still can.

Oh, and check out ‘The Pram Project’ in the upstairs gallery too. B+A pro tip: don’t be scurred, get in the thick of it, there are three all-encompassing screens for a reason!

B+A Big Up 

Stormzy’s debut album Gang Signs & Prayer came out on Friday and has already killed the game – every single song on the album is currently in the Spotify top 35 chart. Stream it here and see what all the hype is about.

B+A Books etc.  

Read. Learn. Share. Read. Learn. Share. That’s what we do here at B+A. We’ve agreed that from now on, we will begin to share quotes from the books that have inspired us to create great work. Here is Andrew’s quote of the week… keep an eye out for the rest of the team’s pearls of wisdom too.

B+A Babble

Speaking of books. The B+A team have been working on round two of Ghostwriters’s Society. In staying in the true nature of being a secret society, the meeting space is undisclosed. If you are interested in joining us on Tuesday to discuss ‘Ways of Seeing’ and having a couple dranks on us, then send Andre an email to RSVP. Spaces are limited so…. first come first serve, obvs 😉

B+A Bye…

Say thank you. Give a loved one a hug. Drink water. Live your very best life.

Team B+A x