Crew Love, The Jazz Ambassadors, The Culture Code and D&AD Awards (B+A Bulletin #135)

Crew Love, The Jazz Ambassadors, The Culture Code and D&AD Awards (B+A Bulletin #135)

How are you today? What’s new?

It usss. The LDN/PDX team (aka Ben) are all together in the office this week. It’s a whirlwind but we all managed to get together for 5 minutes for our school photo.

Welcome to B+A Bulletin one. three. five. yo.

B+A Brilliance

Rosy just got word that a documentary she worked on is to be aired on BBC Four on May 4th at 9pm. The Jazz Ambassadors tells the remarkable story of music, diplomacy and race. The Cold War and US Civil Rights movement collide in this piece of work. Check out the trailer right here. Brush up a little here, if you’d like. Defo mark the date + time in your calendars/ diaries/ brains for the below though. Nice.

UK transmission on BBC Four – Friday 4th May at 9.00 pm
US transmission on PBS – Friday 4th May at 10.00 pm
German & French transmissions on ARTÉ – Sunday 20th May 

B+A Books etc.

This month’s book club was all about The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. Super important bitesized learnings for our Culture Dividend TM 😉 it felt so ‘B+A’ that Luke and Rosy assumed that Ben and Andrew had read it before. Aye. The overall conclusion – empathy, man – massively undervalued it’s what we need more of in business, politics and general life. Depending on your stance, this might seem either way behind the times but we reckon real empathy is actually pretty future facing.

B+A Big Up

B+A were in Shanghai last week spreading the B+A way with entrepreneurs, businesses and leaders alike. As ever, we couldn’t have done it without Amanda and Amber. Big up yourselves – the unofficial mayors of the city. Forever getting sh*t done.

B+A Babble

Today, Andrew presented at D&AD. The D&AD Awards inspire and celebrate the best in design, digital and advertising. They award pencils for great work. Amongst many things, Andrew proposed a new award for them to promote diversity in the industry – can’t sharpen a pencil with a pencil amiright? Time for a sharpener award, we reckon. Pow!

B+A Bye…

Until next time friends. Be good or don’t get caught. Or if you do get caught, have several half-decent back-up plans.

Love, Team B+A x