Deciem, Reclaiming Conversation, Edward Enninful & Girl On Girl (B+A Bulletin #80)

Oh why hello there. Hey.

Aww look at the B+A crew’s smiling faces. Well, we think this is a wonderful time to let the world know we have found our 7th team member. Woooooop. We’re soon to be seven. Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll tell ya more soon. However, as you may have guessed from the image above we’re still looking for a software developer to work pretty closely with though.

Oh, and also two very connected, organised + all round on-poiiiint people in Munich and Madrid. Drop Tamika a line at [email protected] for more info ⚡️

B+A Brilliance

Yesterday afternoon, Nina and Tamika went to check out Deciem in Spitalfields market. Lo and behold just 15 minutes after Googling all the skincare range, we were served targeted Instagram ads. Bit weird, but no biggie. Howeverrrrr, this 5 minute read from Wired highlights the pitfalls of ads served up by algorithms. Eek.

B+A Books etc.  

We’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeves with ‘Praise of Folly’ and ‘On Tyranny’, but as the great Jay-Z taught us, we move straight ‘on to the next one’ pretty quick. So, our delivery of Sherry Turkle‘s ‘Reclaiming Conversation’ will be arriving soon. Sherry Turkle is a clinical psychologist at MIT, and has spent the past 30 years observing how people react and adapt to new technologies that change the way we communicate. Grab yourselves a copy and read along with us, if you fancy?

B+A Big Up 

This week we’re bigging up Edward Enninful for becoming British Vogue’s editor-in-chief. Thats right – a gay black 1st generation immigrant man is running the 101 year-old globally renowned fashion publication.

We’ve been having various chats around the B+A desks this week about fashion + style. We believe they’re an intimate form of expression – it gives many people a voice without needing to shout from the rooftops. We can’t wait to see what Edward does to create social statements and trends beyond ‘whats hot and whats not’ in his new role. Click above image for the ‘I Am an Immigrant’ video he creatively directed a couple months ago.

B+A Babble

Charlotte Jansen’s new book shows spreads of work by 40 photographers from seventeen countries as well as providing a short text about each artist based on an interview. Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze looks at how young women are using photography and the internet to explore issues of self-image and female identity, and the impact this is having on contemporary art. Here‘s an interview with the editor herself to get stuck in to.

B+A Bye…

Latersssss. Enjoy your long weekend. Treat yo’self.

Oh, and weekly unsolicited advice time: we’d advise ‘getting your sh*t together’ for the release of Kendrick Lamar’s album on Friday, because umm, he told us to innit. We’ve been spring cleaning in preparation and all sorts. Yes indeed. Here’s leaked track ‘Humble‘ to whet your appetite.

Love, Team B+A