Detroit Institute of Arts, Dawn Foster, Richard Pender & Swim Dem Crew (B+A Bulletin #114)

Detroit Institute of Arts, Dawn Foster, Richard Pender & Swim Dem Crew (B+A Bulletin #114)

Hullo. How are you?

Hope all is grand in your corner of the world today, and if it isn’t, keep your head up and keep going. You got this. B+A-specific news : we’ve all been in the same office for the entire week, and it’s been bloody wonderful #teamievibez.

This is B+A Bulletin 114. Let’s do this…

B+A Brilliance

Andrew went to visit B+A’s great friend, Tesa Aragones in her hometown of Detroit last week. In a whistle-stop tour, that took in Hitsville USA, the highlight was a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts, where, aside from seeing Diego Riveira’s Workers’ Mural, he was lucky enough to catch Jenny Risher’s D-Cyphered Exhibition, capturing the rich music scene that spawned artists as great and diverse as Eminem, J Dilla, Insane Clown Posse, Was Not Was and Aaliyah. It’s on until February 19th, so no excuses!

B+A Books etc.

If 1% are leaning in, what are the other 99% supposed to do? Whilst Cheryl Sandberg says the key to women’s success lies in changing our own behaviour, Dawn Foster states that this is pointless when our institutions are inherently prejudiced against us. This 81 page book packs a powerful punch on the importance of recognising intersectionality in our feminism. Buy the book here, listen to Dawn talk here.

B+A Big Up

Umm. Quick one. Which I’ll blame on jet lag, obviously. So you read about the amazing Shawm House last week. Well all that goodness still stands true but with one correction – we’re bigging up Richard Pender who built the house. Yay. Big up yourself Richard. For those of you that need a reminder of the story, here it is again:

1. He designed and made a house in 18 months yo.
2. He’s just swept up a bunch of awards from RIBA architecture for immaculate execution and exceptional build quality.
3. He had absolutely no building experience & didn’t set out with the intention of doing the work himself.
4. He designed and built it all so his parents could live their very best lives in it.

What a winner. Congratulations! Read more about Shawm House here.

B+A Babble

Join Swim Dem Crew for an evening of film, photography and sound as they immerse you in the watery world of Swim Dem Crew. There will be a special preview of their forthcoming short film that explores the origin of Swim Dem and the relationship between co-founders Peigh Asante and Nathaniel Cole, both within and beyond the water.

7:00 – 9:00PM Ninety One (formally Vibe Bar) 91 – 95 Brick Lane London, E1 6QL RSVP: [email protected]


B+A Bye…

Buh bye.

P.S. Wanna know what cool thing Pharrell is up to? Well, he’s created a song on vinyl that has been locked in a vault for 100 years: ‘it’s an artistic project that will disappear forever if global warming continues.” Unsolicited advice from us – get the energy-saving lightbulbs out, please.

Love, Team B+A