DisObey, Ministry of Stories, Erdem Moralioglu at London Fashion Week & Food for being Looked At (B+A Bulletin #105)

DisObey, Ministry of Stories, Erdem Moralioglu at London Fashion Week & Food for being Looked At (B+A Bulletin #105)

B+A Breaking

Hiya. Tamika’s in Dubai, so it’s me, Andrew. But less of me, already. Let’s get practical (that’s what you’re here for, isn’t it?) Here’s a bit from our newest team member, Nicola, who started today…

Hello. I’ve just got back from my first ever holiday alone in La Rochelle, France. I’ve written more about the ups and downs, but here’s some quick tips to share:

– Take multiple books in a mix of genres.
– An ‘hour’ spent in a coffee shop will be 7 minutes in reality.
– Download Duolingo. I’m 4% fluent in French now, apparently.
– Cycling doesn’t require a companion.
– You might not have a tremendous moment of self-realisation or clarity of you own existence, that’s okay.

B+A Brilliance

Rosy and Andre went to Shoreditch’s Close Up Film Centre for the screening of DisObey, Jordan Baseman’s latest short film. DisObey features criminologist Jason Warr. Jason’s heavily edited narration discusses the nature of free will, individual and collective social responsibility within the construct of our current legal system. Andre thought it was “Brutally simple and stripped back, yet incredibly intense.” More work from the main man here.

B+A Books etc.

This week, Andrew bumped into Ben Payne, Director of London’s Ministry of Stories – a writing and mentoring organisation for kids and teenagers. Its workshop and events space is hidden behind a monster supplies shop in Hoxton. Really. It’s one of the most innovative arts organisations around, with a passion for unleashing the creativity that not only powers every young mind, but can create opportunities that change lives for the better. Oh, and they also do creativity workshops for adults and businesses. Go investigate.

B+A Big Up

Yesterday, London Fashion Week packed its frocks away for another year. Amanda went to see pretty much everything she could fit in and Rosy got to one of the hottest show of the week – Erdem Moralioglu’s highly acclaimed collaboration with H&M. It’s out soon. We’ll keep you posted…

B+A Babble

Avocados, artificial rainbow foodstuffs and Instagramming brunch. The taking and sharing of photos of food seems to be an unstoppable fad. Food and image consumption are clearly linked. We’ve been thinking about our own relationship with food, and will be conducting a little juice cleanse experiment next week. Anyway, if you happen to be the in the Soho area before 12pm, pop in to The Photographer’s Gallery and have a look see at ‘Food for being Looked At’ – it’s free entry then, or £4 thereafter. Bargain.


B+A Bye…

Até a proxima quarta-feira…
Normal service will be resumed next week when T’s back. So, until then – Be good. Get out. Play. Look upwards. Spread love.

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