Enter the Outlier, Magazine Culture, Marie White & the Ebb and Fall of Tidal (B+A Bulletin #143)

Enter the Outlier, Magazine Culture, Marie White & the Ebb and Fall of Tidal (B+A Bulletin #143)


With Tamika in Shanghai and Andre in Manila (to whom we owe creds for the snap above), you’ve got me, Luke, supplying your Wednesday fix from the Bulletin hotseat. Chuffed to be with you guys again!

This edition has been designed to be read, digested and reflected on well within the temporal constraints of half-time, so let’s get moving – kick off, B+A Bulletin #143…

B+A Brilliance

Drumroll please as we welcome our first ever Outlier, Aminah:

Outlier. Education. Multiculturalism. Diversity. Empowerment. Part time theorist. Visionary. Maker. Conversations. Change the world. Equity. Raps sometimes.

Aminah will be with us in the London office for the next 6 months as an agitant and catalyst, going places we cannot go and doing things we cannot do. If this piques your curiosity, drop her a line: [email protected]. Either way, you’ll hear more from her soon enough…

B+A Books etc.

As Tamika will attest to, print journalism here in the UK is alive and kicking (early shoutout to Plantain Papers Vol.II in the planning). Somerset House are celebrating the prominence of the independent magazine as (sub)cultural medium with Print! Tearing It Up, which documents the vibrant history of the zine over the last hundred years. Check it – especially the family tree tying together every major independent publication since 1854. Nice.

B+A Big Up

We meet so many extraordinary people at B+A – last week Andrew, Andre and Nicola worked with Marie White, a participant in a 3 day workshop we were running. It turns out this Hastings native is a pretty nifty songwriter with an extraordinary voice. Check her on Spotify or a live video. And when she’s famous, claim your bragging rights to have got in early…

B+A Babble

Ah, the music industry elite – never without their controversies. This time it’s Tidal in the firing line, and specifically the platform’s primary owners Jay Z and Beyoncé. Tidal boasted exclusive streaming rights to the pair’s surprise joint album, Everything is Love, from its release on Saturday, before it joined the ranks on Spotify just, erm, 2 days later.

Read about Tidal’s mottled history, and the role played by the music industry’s 1%, in this considered piece by Eamonn Forde for The Quietus. Bonus points if you don’t need to look up definitions for “solipsism and bloviation”.

B+A Bye…

That’s all folks! Wishing you fruitful days, nights and weeks.

I think that’s the second half whistle…
Luke and Team B+A x