Fyre Festival, Flat White Warriors, Petal & Born N Bread (B+A Bulletin #111)

Fyre Festival, Flat White Warriors, Petal & Born N Bread (B+A Bulletin #111)

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people.

I hope this week has been exquisite.

Tamika is out of the office this week.

So you’ve got me, Andre,

your dearest.


Bulletin #111 is a good’n.

Let’s get started.

B+A Brilliance

If you’ve had your eye on the marketing world for the past 12 months, you’ve probably heard of the epic fail that was Fyre Festival. Everyone and their dog threw jabs at the event online. Heck, we even wrote a blog of our own (for bants). However, with all the stores told about it, it’s hard to separate the facts from the fairy tales. Internet Historian does a good job, telling the real story in a funny, yet super-informative way. This is recommended watching if you want the full breakdown of what stopped the Fyre Festival from being so… lit.

B+A Books etc.

Before they headed to Portland last week, Andrew & Rosy had the time to create a BookInAnHour with the good folk at Shortlist Media. It landed in our office on Monday, and it’s a cracker. If you want to find out who “The Met Set” are, and what they think, get in touch and we’ll send you a copy.

B+A Big Up

Today Andrew was celebrating media agency Mindshare’s 20th birthday by working with them towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. At the day, he met Bradley Heslop, who with his Southampton University team, won the 2015 Enactus World Cup. His venture, Wessex Social Ventures creates real impact in the developing world. Our favourite project – Petal: a reusable product that liberates adolescent girls, whilst creating local employment. Find out more here.

B+A Babble

We hold Born N Bread pretty dear to our heart. Their vibrancy and dedication to authenticity is very refreshing. Chika (1/5 of BNB) recently collaborated with us to produce a zine called ‘W.E.R.K — Work Experience Real Knowledge’ a zine for teenagers with a entrepreneurial spirit. ‘W.E.R.K’ breaks down the age old question “what does it mean to be a ‘professional?’”. We loved producing this zine with BNB. If there are any young people you would love to gift this to, ask us for a copy. For more on BNB check out their latest film with Budweiser and Boiler Room. Impressive stuff!


B+A Bye…

The truth will set you free
But first, it’ll piss you off

— Pharrell

Beautifully put, Skateboard P.

See you next week,