Guy Debord, Plantain Papers, Cryo PDX & Virgil Abloh (B+A Bulletin #121)

Guy Debord, Plantain Papers, Cryo PDX & Virgil Abloh (B+A Bulletin #121)

Hey gang,

How are you doing this week? We’re all in the London office. It is cozy, we’re enjoying each other’s company and having tons of super productive whole team brainstorms. Winner.

P.S. We got a big ol’ announcement we got coming your way next week. Oh the suspense.

Bulletin 121. Let’s go…

B+A Brilliance

So, imagine Rosy at Heathrow airport baggage claim after a long-haul flight back from PDX: conveyor belt + shrinking crowd + tumbleweed + 45 mins worth of that sinking feeling. Rosy and suitcase will be reunited via a courier who assured her that it would be allocated to a ‘derive.’ We’re guessing they meant ‘driver’ – nonetheless, their slack spelling led us to [re]discover a revolutionary geopsychological strategy by Guy Debord. #morederives2k18please.

B+A Books etc.

Hullo. Tamika here. Over the last year, I quietly made a journal with my two friends, Lemara Lindsay-Prince and Tahirah Edwards-Byfield. It’s called Plantain Papers. This edition has 112 pages worth of stories/ articles/ recipes/ interviews from London, Detroit, Portland, Accra, Kingston and beyond. You can read about it and buy it (you know, if you want, no pressure) by clicking on the link or the pic above 🙂

B+A Big Up

Yeah that’s a gigantic human freezer. Whilst in Portland, Rosy and Tamika made it their mission to experience Cryo PDX. Shout out the guys at Accept + Proceed for the “freeze and squeeze” recommendation. What is a “freeze and squeeze?” I hear you cry. Well, wonder no more… freeze = cryotherapy + squeeze = normatec. Individually amazing, together they are glorious.

B+A Babble

Virgil Abloh really tapped into his design roots for his lecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. In front of a packed auditorium, Abloh talks through his history as a designer, his work with IKEA and Nike, and more. His latest penchant for “talking in quotes” is touched on too. Well worth an hour of your time.


B+A Bye…

Until next time you wonderful bunch. Love, Team B+A