Hamilton, Brooklyn Toile, Normcore merch & Skepta x Rolls Royce (B+A Bulletin #117)

Hamilton, Brooklyn Toile, Normcore merch & Skepta x Rolls Royce (B+A Bulletin #117)

Splendid day today, isn’t it?

Hope this week has been treating you well.

If it hasn’t, call us. We’ll sort it out.
Ben and Andrew have just come back from NY.

Rosy and Tamika are representing over in Portland.

So this week you have me,

Andre, your dearest.


Bulletin #117. Let’s tuck in.


B+A Brilliance

This week Hamilton opened for previews in London and Jenny went along as her birthday treat. What’s Hamilton you may ask? Where have you been!?  It’s a multi-award-winning hip-hop musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda about the tragic life of one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. The musical has colour-blind casting, brilliant lyrics and rousing score. Michele Obama said it was “the best art I have seen in my life”. Jenny confirms that the London edition of the show lived up to all its hype and expectations. Jenny and I both booked our tickets a year ago. Yup, smug. Have you got yours? Beg, borrow or steal to get one. It’s worth it.

B+A Brilliance (again)

The best thing about the Williamsburg Hotel is undoubtedly the Brooklyn Toile wallpaper in the basement. Designers Mike Diamond, Vincent J. Ficarra and Adela Qersaqi’s wall coverings are a deft glimpse into the diversity of B+A’s favourite of the five boroughs. So if you want Hassidim, 3 Wheel Buggy pushers, Biggie Smalls and the Coney Island Cyclone, in your home, you can get some here.

B+A Brainwave

Spot the trend… Fashion designer Virgil is currently working with furniture company, IKEA. Balenciaga has just released a $1000 Supermarket bag. Frank Ocean recently dropped a limited edition hoodie with delivery service, Worldnet. Normcore seems to be the thing now, right? Appropriation of everyday materials, although not a new concept, is an increasingly prevalent trend in the fashion / art circles, and it’s beginning to challenge how, both consumers and companies, identify themselves. Have you noticed? Send us an email if you want to hear more about this growing trend. I’ll fill you in.

B+A Babble

We were sad to hear that Skepta’s advertisement for Rolls Royce cars was pulled because the grime artist and producer wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Either he should have heeded the words of his own song (“It Ain’t Safe”) or maybe even should have listened to another DJ with a more attuned sense of road safety. Thank you for the reference, Andrew.


B+A Bye…

Treat yourself before the night is out. See you next week.

Team B+A x