Hisbe, Carlo Rovelli, #thisisreverie & cognitive bias (B+A Bulletin #99)

B+A Breaking

Woah didn’t mean to alarm you there, we just wanted to express some enthusiasm at the fact you’re here.
Sup? Hope you’re well, spending enough time with your loved ones and straight-up thriving this week – we’re always rooting for you at B+A HQ, remember that.

Right then. Let’s get to it. It’s B+A Bulletin 99 people…

B+A Brilliance

Hisbe was brought to our attention via Andrew’s friend Jack Moolark at 20:20 – it’s not just the supermarket’s business model that’s really interesting, it’s also the way they use data and digital. Apparently the receipts have the proportion of income that’s profit, the proportion that goes to employees and the proportion that goes to suppliers. Niiiice.

B+A Books etc.

The International bestseller that teaches us about the infinitely large, as well as the infinitely small. It’s quantum physics and astronomy, essentially but written in a beautifully poetic way (all in 96 pages, unbelievably). Read along with us – we’ll be discussing the seven brief lessons on physics at our next book club. Send us your food for thought, as ever guize.

B+A Big Up

This week we’re bigging up director and filmmaker for her film and photography series capturing the dreams and aspirations of young people. It’s called ‘Reverie‘ – press play, it’s beautiful. She took photos of all the young people involved, who then uploaded the images to their Instagram accounts, the posts were accompanied by the hashtag #thisisreverie, along with each individual’s thoughts and dreams – check em out to hear direct from the source whilst you can.

B+A Babble

Oh, here’s another cool brain-based thing for you. Two weeks in a row. Pow. This one’s all about the cognitive biases we all carry with us everywhere we go – they’re an unavoidable fact of being human, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and readdress them. Here’s a cognitive-bias cheat sheet so you can check yourself before you wreck yourself.

B+A Bye…

Bye, friends. Suggestions for the coming week: call your mum, commit a random act of kindness, donate to a institution/ cause you care about… just a few thoughts yo. Live your best lives #yasss.

Team B+A x