#Horst und Edeltraut, B+A Playbook, Margaret Calvert & Esports irl (B+A Bulletin #166)

#Horst und Edeltraut, B+A Playbook, Margaret Calvert & Esports irl (B+A Bulletin #166)

B+A Breaking

Say cheeeeese!

The London team are looking even more beautiful than usual today: we’re catching up with Portland and getting fancy new headshots done, by our Almass.

But other than that it’s just a regular ol’ Wednesday here – which can mean only one thing:

Lights 💡
CameraÂ đŸ“·
B+A Bulletin #166… 🧞

B+A Brilliance

There’s hella lotta zines out there. It’s a daunting world. So let us sift through and recommend to you #Horst und Edeltraut. It’s a Berlin-based physical and digital publication that sets out to capture and experiment with the global artistic zeitgeist.

The magazine is a genuine pleasure to interact with, whether you’re scrolling and clicking, or flicking through pages. Watch the cool video above.

B+A Books etc.

We’re gathering global teamies like nobodies business. So it’s about time we published some of our pearls of wisdom, processes and also little stuff like who we are and why we’re here. It’s all neatly enclosed in our new Playbook, ready to share with new B+Aers, friends and relations – including you! All thanks to our man AndrĂ©.

B+A Big Up

Margaret Calvert OBE – recognise the name? You may well – but if not, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ve come across her work. Calvert (above, second from right) is the incredible mind behind the UK’s ubiquitous transport and rail alphabet fonts, and many iconic and globally-influential road signs (including Andrew’s favourite, the school sign).

Rosy met her this week after invitation to the Design Museum’s Design in Britain event at the Houses of Parliament. She’s been grinning ever since.

B+A Babble

As of 16 November 2018, there now exists an irl town dedicated to esports gaming (despite this being a seeming contradiction in terms). It’s in Hangzhou Province, China, who’ve pumped „2 billion RMB ($280 million) into its creation – including esports-themed restaurants, hotels for gamers and even a hospital specialising in esports-related injuries. And it’s only the first of several townsplanned across China. You’ve got to be in it to win it, I guess…

B+A Bye…

That’s a wrap guys. But – next week we’ve got something extra special lined up, so don’t go switching channels!

And until then, start getting excited about Guava Island.

Team B+A