Hugh Masekala, 2 New B+A Teamies, Tyler the Creator & Bye Bye Benny (B+A Bulletin #122)

Hugh Masekala, 2 New B+A Teamies, Tyler the Creator & Bye Bye Benny (B+A Bulletin #122)

Good evenin’ you wonderful people.

Hope you’re thriving and looking after yourself as you outta be?

So, now our B+A badges don’t just represent the essence of who we are and how we do things, but now also tell you where we do things. New + improved.

Scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for a cheeky hint as to what these two badges [as modelled by ASOSLuke] represent…

B+A Brilliance

This month Andrew and Luke have been deep into music that’s emerged from the Southern African diaspora for one of our favourite clients. Monday saw the death of the great South African trumpet player, Hugh Masekela, who made his first mark on the world in exile during the dark days of apartheid. That reminded Andrew of the great debt that the UK’s jazz community owes the many musicians who chose London as their home through the 70s and 80s. So he made a little Spotify playlist in homage to try and capture the scene, and its fierce spirit of adventure and freedom. Hope you enjoy it…

B+A Big Up pt. 1

Introducing Ade, our newest full-time B+A teamie (again, yup, we’re on a roll). This is her in a very condensed nutshell: Living her best life. Senior editor. Social justice. Beyoncé. Energy. Intersectional feminist. Writer. Big smiles. Book enthusiast. Peace. Debating. Bargain hunter. There’s rice at home. 

Please do say hullo to Adesuwa by dropping her an email at [email protected] She’s a great person to know, and an A1 addition to the team.

B+A Big Up pt. 2

You already know Amanda our Shanghai superstar who gets ‘ish done in Shanghai. Well, we’d like to introduce you to  her partner in crime, fun and business, Amber. Amber also gets ‘ish done in Shanghai for B+A too now and is the main translator of our website into Chinese. Twice as nice.

B+A Babble

Andre brought this hour-long convo between Tyler the Creator (rapper of Odd Future) and Jerrod Carmichael (comedian) to our attention this week. It’s all about his Grammy-nominated album ‘Flower Boy’. The 14-track album featuring A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Jaden Smith and Estelle — addresses Tyler’s every feeling, emotion and question, ranging from paranoia to loneliness. “I’m lonely, but I’m having the most fun of my goddamn life,” he told Carmichael.

B+A Bye/Hi…


This is a (blurry) team selfie from our ‘Benny Bye Bye Brunch’ this morning.

It is time for London to say bye to Ben and for Portland, Oregon to welcome him with open arms.

You see, it is Ben’s last week in the London office, before he sets off to Portland to set up a B+A West-Coast office. He’s being very ‘Ben’ about it – cool, calm and collected but we’ll miss him terribly this side of the pond.

PDX-ers hit him up on [email protected] for liberal chats, locally-sourced dinners and all the Stumptown coffee.

Love, Team B+A x