Isle of Dogs, Daniel H. Pink on perfect timing, Maya Angelou & Instagram just not working (B+A Bulletin #132)

Isle of Dogs, Daniel H. Pink on perfect timing, Maya Angelou & Instagram just not working (B+A Bulletin #132)

Why hello there you wonderful bunch.
What’s new with you?

The B+A London team had two very special guests in the office today thanks to Easter holidays. Milo + Nova Eshun have been brainstorming, delegating and overseeing the business like they’ve been doing this for decades. Thanks for keeping us on track bosses!

Let’s get to it. This is B+A Bulletin #132 people…

B+A Brilliance

There’s currently exclusive exhibition courtesy of The Store X and Fox Searchlight Pictures of sets and puppets from Isle of Dogs, a new film from Wes Anderson. Of course, having Nova and Milo in the office meant that they became honorary B+A Bulletin contributors. Here’s what they thought of the exhibition…

Milo’s review:
“Once you have got past the queue you will be outside the noodle bar which in the movie is continuously occupied by the Dragons baseball team. Continue on and you will be in the main showcase room in front of you will be a breathtaking model of Megasaki city the miniature sky is lit up by blue green lights. If you look over to your left you will find the scene were the evil robot dogs stand poised on the edge of a canyon bridge.”

Nova’s review:
“We saw an amazing model of the city of Megasaki, which was my favourite, to the right of that was mayor Koboyashi’s bathtub and on the left the scene with a pack of angry robot dogs. On the same side there is a science lab. A little bit further forwards and in the middle there is a big picture of mayor Koboyashi’s face. After we had looked around for a bit the guy who owned the place gave us limited edition toys and free lemonade! A great day out!

It is free, and on until April 8th in London.

B+A Books etc.

Following a reco from her fave podcast (How Stuff Works, FYI), this week Nic’s got stuck into “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing“. Topline: the quality of our decisions are based on the time of the day that we make them. As well as useful advice on when to work, sleep and play for optimal productiveness. Not a ‘how-to’ guide, but a ‘when-to’ guide. Nice.

B+A Big Up

Today we’re respectfully bigging up a phenomenal woman, Maya Angelou, on a poignant date – for 4 April 2018 would have been her 90th birthday. A true renaissance woman – dancer, writer, activist, editor, scriptwriter and poet to name a few guises. She truly changed the perception of whose stories were worth telling (click the link to hear Still, I Rise read by Maya herself – goosebumps!)

B+A Babble

We did a thing with our Instagram, as some of you have noticed. Instagram wasn’t working (for B+A) so we decided not to play anymore. We reckon Instagram works very well on two levels, but not so much in the grey areas in between – as ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Babble innit…

B+A Bye…

Unsolicited generic advice time…
Always remember to find the lesson. Keep hustling through this little thing we call life – you got this.

Love, Team B+A x