Land of the Lions, Close-up Magic, Zathu, Charlotte Perriand & NYT Playing Up (B+A Bulletin #86)

Yooooooo. How’s things? You well?

So, this week Ben and Nina are in New Yawk whilst the rest of the crew are enjoying a little slice of summer in London Town. Andre took this picture this afternoon – isn’t it a gem? A word from him, reporting live and direct from London Zoo

Despite the obvious fact that this is a pretty fun place to work out of office, the “Land of the Lions” (that a little bird told me was designed by some of Punchdrunk’s leading designers), inspired me the most…. Sure, the lions were fast asleep, but that didn’t matter. The space was designed in such a way that no matter where you look, there was an small gem hidden in plain view, waiting to be discovered. Please, before the summer ends, check it out. I haven’t been this excited since the Tweenies.

You heard the man. Get out and explore the city! Let’s get to issue B+A Bulletin 87 y’all…

B+A Brilliance

Yeah, we’re still talking about our fun-packed trip to Brighton. So many things happened that we didn’t have enough room to fit it all in one Bulletin last week… just as we were winding down for the evening Mr Clive Hyams approached us and showed us the most incredible close-up magic tricks. Clive was the real deal – he combined expert sleight of hand, psychological trickery and pure performance. If you want to geek out, as we did, here are a bunch of free articles on the brain and magic.

B+A Big Up 

Our friend, radio producer, Becky Jacobs, has been in and out of Malawi over the last six months involved in the creation of Zathu, a project that aims to close the gender gap in Malawi, and tackle high rates of HIV infection in adolescent girls. Even if your Chewa speaking skills are a bit rusty, you’ll appreciate the passion, production values and spirit of this first promotional video for the project. Niiiiice.

B+A Books etc.  

Thanks to BETC’s senior planner, Caroline Baron for putting us onto an architect and interior designer whose work we (all) know, but whose name is not widely celebrated outside her native France. Charlotte Perriand was a collaborator of Le Corbusier, whose work aimed to create functional living spaces in the belief that better design helps in creating a better society. If your French is better than your Chewa, you can get hold of this biography of her (or come via the office, and ask Caroline to lend it to you when she’s finished it). Agrééééable.

B+A Babble

Last week we went along to see National Youth Theatre‘s ‘Playing Up’ sharing. Playing Up is a 10 month talent development programme for young people not in education, employment or training. It is not ‘affordable drama school’ that costs tens of thousands of pounds, it is 100% free – better – well done NYT. Congratulations to the whole cast – you killed it. Head over to reserve your tickets for their next performance entitled ‘THREE’ so we can have a natter about it together.

B+A Bye…

Until next time folks. Be good(ish), hug your loved ones and stay hydrated.


Team B+A