Lisboa, Lisboa & Lisboa (B+A Bulletin #147)

Lisboa, Lisboa & Lisboa (B+A Bulletin #147)

How are you this week, friends?

Tamika here reporting on behalf of team B+A Lisbon. Nah, we didn’t open an office, but we sure are making ourselves at comfy in Second Home, Lisboa this week. We’re ouchea working, hive-minding and writing each other notes of gratitude (and making each other cry) along the way, obvs.

We’re gonna keep this short and sweet, as we got some dranks to host at 6pm with the community here.
Its B+A Bulletin 147.

B+A Brilliance

Yesterday, we got the low-down on entrepreneurial life from Marianna, the co-founder of Village Underground Lisbon. Composed of 14 maritime containers and 2 buses, Village Underground Lisbon is a co-working space, as well as a venue for cultural events. She’s on a mission to make sure that new and innovative cultural areas are taken seriously around Lisbon, and does so with a wicked sense of humour. Boss.

B+A Books etc.

Okay, can you tell we got a Lisbon-love-affair going on here? Lisbon is clearly a city with a lot of movers and shakers, making positive dents in the universe. The book of Disquiet by Portuguese thinker, author and poet Fernando Pessoa was recommended to us as a must-read whilst in the city, described as “the weirdest body of work ever : incomplete, modernist and fragmented, but beautiful.”

B+A Big Up

Big up to our new Toronto-born, Lisbon-based pattern designer. Inspired by beauty, nature and femininity, Elizabeth Olwen’s work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with everything she makes. She’s free for commissions too now. Nice.

B+A Babble

The Gulbenkian museum is a vibe if you’re ever in town. We’ve started every morning here with a Pecha Kucha from a different B+A-er. Pretty usefully, we also learned how to look at art in our first session.

In a span of 6 minutes and 20 slides we’ve learned a bit of Portuguese, to DJ, make a pot, keep learning whilst running a business, create lo-fi, build a city, decode (or just listen to) classical music, how to get the most out of Lisbon and how to own the dance floor. We’ve got a couple more to come, which we’ll report on next week too.

Holla at us directly for any of the Pecha Kucha presentations you’re interested in. We wanna share yo…

B+A Bye…

Obrigada for being fans of the B+A Bulletin. We’re big fans of you (especially you this week, Maria 😉
Remember, there’s a world outside your manor. There’s also an evolving world inside your manor too.
Go explore…

Team B+A x