Lubaina Himid, The Point, Peckham Levels & Is Fashion Modern? (B+A Bulletin #116)

Lubaina Himid, The Point, Peckham Levels & Is Fashion Modern? (B+A Bulletin #116)

Hi there friends.
How’re you doing there?
Hope you’re looking after yourselves in the run-up to the festive season.

This is B+A Bulletin 116. Let’s do this and do it well (as the great LL Cool J evangelised)…

B+A Brilliance

The oldest Turner Prize winner and the first black woman to receive the Turner Prize. Iconic. Yesterday, Preston-resident Lubaina Himid made history. She is best known for her paintings, drawings, printmaking, and installations that centre on black identity. Her works often make reference to the African diaspora and the slave industry (London IRL protest details RE: the current enslavement of black Africans in Libya here by the way).

Bristol you’re lucky enough to have Himid’s work on your doorstep here at Spike Island. Go check it out.

B+A Brilliance (again)

This week Andrew visited one of the UK’s most unique arts venues, The Point in Eastleigh, boasting the UK’s first fully residential rehearsal studio that’s rigged for acrobatics, trapeze and any wildness you can imagine. So, if you want somewhere where you can stay, create and rehearse 24-7, whenever your mojo grabs hold of you, set in the heart of English countryside, get in touch and we’ll hook you up with Louisa and Sacha in Eastleigh.

B+A Big Up

Creative people need a place to work and small businesses need a place to grow. Communities need places to come together. So this temporary project was created to provide affordable and inspiring space for work, growth and learning. For the next 6 years they will be occupying the underused space inside the town centre carpark – it’ll evolve at the speed and in the direction we all shape it to be… go check Peckham Levels out this weekend.

B+A Babble

This is only the second time that New York’s MoMA has devoted a show to the subject of clothes. The show asks ‘Is Fashion Modern?’ not the most interesting questions, but the show reveals anthropological insights around identity, politics, consumption and belonging (to name a few). The exhibition features 111 pieces of clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world over the last century. Fashion – it’s important yo.

If you’re in NYC it’s well worth a wander in. If you’re not in the Big Apple soak it all in here via this beautiful exhibition catalogue.


B+A Bye…

Bye for now. Here’s a wildly understated album from Daniel Caeser’s ‘Freudian‘ to treat your earbuds to.
Well good. Til next week, pals.

Team B+A x