Martin Kohout, Made to Stick, Sean Shibe, Nothing Beats a LDNr & Jasmine Cibic at BALTIC (B+A Bulletin #125)

Martin Kohout, Made to Stick, Sean Shibe, Nothing Beats a LDNr & Jasmine Cibic at BALTIC (B+A Bulletin #125)

So Nicola and Andrew spent a week working with these wonderful people at Clinique NYC last week. Welcome along to the Bulletin, Nicole, Scott, Cara, Michelle, Allan, Carolyn, Helen, Jaime, Cindi, Matt, Britney, Ashley, Alyssa, Leigh and Terry.

We hope you find our presentation precise, bass heavy and just right


B+A Brilliance

On Saturday, Rosy went to see a new exhibition by Czech video artist, Martin Kohout, (who lives in Berlin) – at Auto Italia East Gallery. His piece, ‘Slides’, on display in the gallery – it’s about night shifts. His practice is super interesting as he does a lot of research – interviews with people who work night shifts, collaborated with academic who specialise in what lack of sleep or existing outside of the norms’ of daylight hours does to us physically and emotionally, etc. He is an artist who has a deep research practice. Nice.

B+A Books etc.

This week not a day seems to have gone by without one of the team referencing Chip and Dan Heath’s seminal “Made to Stick”. Alongside John Yorke’s Into the Woods (see Bulletin #54) it’s our go-to when we want to make the complex simple and memorable. If you haven’t yet, check it. You won’t regret it!

B+A Big Up 1

We’re sending bulletin big ups to crossover guitarist Sean Shibe, who Luke had the exquisite pleasure of seeing in concert this week. Keep an ear out for Sean’s insane one-man show softLOUD – fusing 15th century lute manuscripts with new works by contemporary electronic artists – at Mosel Musikfestival in September, or on record the same month.

B+A Big Up 2

Little to say about this piece of niceness by Paddy and Mark at W&K for Nike other than “Ally Pally in the house!!!” Watch. Enjoy – and if you’re outside the UK, email us for a glossary of cultural references…

B+A Babble

This week Luke and Tamika have been in Gateshead, while there they spent an hour wandering around the BALTIC gallery. The most thought provoking work they came across was by Jasmina Cibic, entitled ‘this machine builds nations’. Bringing together sculpture, performance and film she explores how culture is used to communicate societal and political principles. The BALTIC’s 5 floors were occupied by artists who are women. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area – and free too!


B+A Bye…

Until next week you wonderful humans. Peace out. Live your best lives. Flourish, and make every day Valentine’s day. Yassss.

Team B+A x