Mirror for Twitter, Rik Mayall on Jackanory, Education not Exclusion & War and Humanity (B+A Bulletin #153)

Mirror for Twitter, Rik Mayall on Jackanory, Education not Exclusion & War and Humanity (B+A Bulletin #153)

Hey folks…

Well, summer’s finally over here in London. Just before we felt the familiar embrace of autumnal rain and chill, though, we managed to grab some time filming a handful of A-class athletes al fresco…more on this soon !

In the meantime, you’ve got Luke here to keep you warm, dry and razor sharp with Bulletin #153.

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B+A Brilliance

The internet can be a pretty nasty place, and nowhere more so than the Twittersphere. Based on the theory that the reason bars have mirrors is to discourage drunken aggression, Toby Shorin is doing his bit to counter e-rage with Mirrorfor Twitter – a Chrome extension that activates your webcam to show your face when you tweet. It’s counting down from 10 for the selfie generation.

B+A Books etc.

In a moment of nostalgic inspiration this week, the youngest and eldest members of team B+A (I’ll leave you to work out who) shared their most treasured childhood TV memories. The latter’s recommendation turned André, Aminah and Luke into a trio of big transfixed kids: it’s Rik Mayall reading George’s Marvellous Medicine on Jackanory, circa 1986.

B+A Big Up

Last Thursday was GCSE results day in the UK. That morning anonymous tube posters appeared across the Northern Line, showing an alternative journey taken by some young people: from being sent out of class, to prison and re-offending. The covert campaign was created by a group of South London activists called Education not Exclusion, to raise awareness for the residual impact exclusion has on vulnerable schoolkids.

B+A Babble

What is it good for? Listen to Margaret MacMillan in Radio 4’s Reith Lectures, to get to grips with war from every uncomfortable angle – including its positive outcomes, and the role of women in enabling it. It’s only through this honesty, MacMillan argues, that we’ve got a shot at eradicating it from society.

B+A Bye…

And here we leave it… see you next time, and don’t forget to pack an umbrella.

Team B+A