Mr Brainwash, the IADD, Bob Armstrong & Kendrick Lamar’s Damn (B+A Bulletin #93)

B+A Breaking

You could have been anywhere on the internet, but you’re here with us. We appreciate that.

Welcome to Bulletin #93
This is Andre, your best mate.

Team update: Ben is in Japan. Andrew is in Geneva. Rosy is back from the U.S. Tamika is no-where to be seen, though. She’s probably sippin’ on a Piña Colada somewhere in the Mediterranean. Wherever you are, enjoy yourself. Just don’t take forever.

…Alright, let’s start

B+A Brilliance

Once a filmmaker for Banksy. Now an artist in his own right. Mr. Brainwash is hosting his latest solo show at Galeries Bartoux London. I went there last weekend, and I must say, it’s very colourful, very punchy and expectedly ironic. If you’re near New Bond Street this weekend, definitely pay Mr.Brainwash’s work a visit.

B+A Books etc.

This is a nerdy one. But we’re all a bit nerdy, here at B+A. Recently, we stumbled on the International Advertising & Design Database, a website that archives the world’s best advertising campaigns in the past century (well… most of them). If this is your kind of thing, don’t click on the link. Not during work hours, anyway. You will get lost in the plethora of content this website has to offer. Thank us later.

B+A Big Up

A man called Bob Armstrong died this week. He was not only Andrew Missingham’s drum teacher, he taught many far better players  – the likes of Steve White (Paul Weller), Andrew Small (Kylie Minogue), Alan White (Oasis), Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack), Guy Richmond (Boyzone), Alex Reeves (Dizzee Rascal), Brad Webb (Jamie Cullum).

Of his passing, Andrew wrote this week: “Bob was the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life (not just drums – but of everything and anything). Bob cared about quality, he cared about detail. Bob loved his craft, he loved music, but most of all Bob loved people. It’s such a privilege to have been his student. Thank you, Bob. For all the players who you showed the way, and made them care like you did, you’ve left your mark and it was triple forte!”

B+A Babble

Provoking visuals. Challenging social commentary. Catchy lyricism. A banging instrumental. What else would you expect from a Kendrick Lemar music video? Since ‘Humble’, the first single released from his new album ‘DAMN’ Kendrick has consistently pushed the envelope with increasingly confrontational visuals. Watch his latest attempt to disrupt the Hip-hop world with his newest single ‘Element’.

B+A Bye…

It’s chucking it down raining in London. We know. It felt like the Bahamas only a week ago in London. We know. But if you’re here, near us in the Big Smoke, don’t let that dampen your mood. Keep high spirits on tap. Keep the feel-good songs on rotation. See you next week!

Love, Team B+A x