Nando’s ‘Aweh’, Jaron Lanier on social media, Wild Wild Country & Virgil Abloh (B+A Bulletin #131)

Nando’s ‘Aweh’, Jaron Lanier on social media, Wild Wild Country & Virgil Abloh (B+A Bulletin #131)

Hello wonderful people.

Hope you’re thriving today. We’ve had a day of team workshopping with the great Lasse Johansson, a self-shooting documentary director with a background in fine art and sociology, to hone our filmmaking (and editing) skillz. We left with notepads full and brains ticking.

BAFTA here we come (perhaps). Right, B+A Bulletin 131, let’s ave ya…

B+A Brilliance

This week we’re bigging up Nando’s new magazine ‘Aweh‘ which is free, and available when chomping on your chicken (or super greens, or halloumi, or veggie burger). In their inaugural issue they send Theresa May a hypothetical DM, explore Leicester’s grime scene and shout out our favourite community football tournament, The Last Stand. Strong.

B+A Books etc.

When Jaron Lanier named his new book Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now  he did so because he thought it would be ‘cute’. Fast forward to the Cambridge Analytica shitshow and suddenly the title became far less of a novelty. Is this scandal the final straw? Is it time to wean yourself off the surveillance system, sorry sorry – social network, for good? Or not? P.S. Downloading your Facebook history is easy. Just go to settings and select the option to get your data…

B+A Big Up

Ade and Tamika have proudly binged on Netflix docu-series, Wild Wild Country, which follows the controversial guru Osho and his die-hard followers known as Sannyasins who created their own highly-functional town in Oregon. Whenever we tackle a challenge around creating belonging and community, learning from religious/ spiritual groups is essential. If you’re looking to Netflix and chill this bank holiday weekend, stop by Rajneeshpuram.

B+A Babble

Virgil Abloh has been named as the next artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton. Whilst this has been word on the street for a while, the confirmation is a huge moment that blurs the line even further between streetwear and high-fashion whether that’s a good thing, is up for debate.

B+A Bye…

Be cool, but also be warm.
Love, team B+A x