Nasty Women, Happy City, Rwanda’s Umaganda campaign & Bodega (B+A Bulletin #106)

Nasty Women, Happy City, Rwanda’s Umaganda campaign & Bodega (B+A Bulletin #106)

Evenin’. How are you all? Hope you’re thriving and living your very best lives…

Some of the B+A team are taking part in the Radiance Juice Cleanse this week, and we’ve just passed the halfway mark. Woop. We’re alternating between feeling full of energy, life, ideas and also just feeling, well, hungry. 5 juices per day, and plenty of time to reflect on our relationships with food, nourishment and ourselves. Exciting. We couldn’t get through it without our Guru Claire either.

Let’s get to it. B+A Bulletin #106…

B+A Brilliance

Nasty Women is a global art movement that serves to demonstrate solidarity among artists. It draws together those who identify with being a Nasty Woman. With over forty fundraising art exhibitions taking place around the United States and abroad, the exhibitions also serve to support organisations defending these rights. Good news, you can set up your own Nasty Woman event wherever you are in the world, and use the name and branding.

Nicola and Andre went along to a London edition and found “some of the pieces uncomfortable to take in. Particularly, those that were the most highly unapologetic, vulnerable and salacious in their design. But this is a provocative exhibition, intended to make you think act. And that’s rarely going to be comfortable.” Word.

B+A Books etc.

The book Andre is currently reading is really about proximity, and how the distance between us, nature, and other humans contributes deeply to our mental wellbeing. This is obvious to most of us, but Charles Montgomery crafts a really compelling argument as to why we should really rethink how we approach urban design. Grab a copy, get out of familiar dwellings, and take a breath of fresh air when you can.

B+A Big Up

Campaigning for more money to be spent on upkeep of local services can take years. So in the meantime, Andrew was out on Saturday clearing litter in Priory Park. Do you wanna know which government has been killing it (in the best way possible), in this area? Rwanda’s. As part of efforts to reconstruct the country, the Government of Rwanda initiated ‘Umuganda‘ – on the last Saturday of each month everyone takes part in community work with the purpose to contribute to overall national development.

B+A Babble

Bodega‘ is a new concept being launched by two ex-Googlers. ‘Bodega’ sets up boxes filled with non-perishable items you might pick up at a cornershop, or a bodega if you’re rooted in LA/ NYC. An app will allow you to unlock the box and will register what you’ve picked up and automatically charge your card. The Internet exploded with thoughts and feelings (as ever) to this concept : misappropriation of immigrant-run bodega culture? Stealing business from the little guys? Or merely, disrupting the status quo? One thing is crystal clear to the co-founders : “we may not have been asking the right questions of the right people.” Research, and research good and proper we say!


B+A Bye…

See you all same time, same place next week (if we don’t all undo our progress, and burn B+A down to the ground on the last day of our cleanse).

Love always, B+A x