New Office, OJ: Made In America, Erasmus, #TFWgucci & The Royal Ballet (B+A Bulletin #77)

Hey gang. Hope you’re all good on this glorious spring hump day.

Sooooo, we live in Shoreditch’s Tea Building now officially. If you’re in the neighbourhood drop us a little line – you can reply directly to this email, we can do tea/ juice/ coffee. Tea makes sense though amirite?

Let’s get to the 77th edition of B+A Bulletin. Welcome one and all…

B+A Brilliance

The clock is ticking fast on this one. You have approx 6 hours to go to BBC iPlayer and download three parts of Ezra Eldman’s documentary OJ: Made in America. You will not regret it. 7.5 hours of absolute brilliance. This thought-provoking doc looks at the case from multiple perspectives but really centres around the question: ‘why?’ Why was O.J. Simpson so famous? Why was he able to repeatedly dodge reprimands for his behaviour? Why was the jury primed to deliver an innocent verdict? And umm, the biggie: why did he do it?

B+A Books etc.  

Yeah, we’re the sort to big up Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, the classical scholar and writer. Actually, we’re the sort to big up his creation the ‘God of Folly’ even harder. You see, in Praise of Folly she introduces herself with an impromptu speech on why she’s so damn important even if no-one else thinks so – bold move – but she makes several (hilariously sassy) cases why. Folly makes the argument that it is way better to be foolish than it is to be wise: its leads to happiness, self-care and, ultimately true knowledge.

The quote on the left of the pic above reads “The wise man seeks refuge in his books of antiquity and learns from them the pure subtleties of what the ancients say. The fool tries everything, meets his dangers at first hand and thereby acquires what I’m sure is genuine prudence. Even the fool is wise after the event.” 

That’s why immersions, ethnographies and first hand experience of ‘doin’ the damn thing’ is a key part of the B+A method. Word to Erasmus.

B+A Babble

The importance of folly lives on. Last summer whilst talking to hundreds of young women around the globe we clocked that the memes floating around the internet are way more important than they first appear, because they often serve as coping strategies. The hardship of quarter-life crises for young people are very real. Whilst memes are a zeitgeisty form of expression that bring people together over lolz, rarely do they leave people feeling prompted to go out and buy something…

Well, until now. Luxury fashion house Gucci have created their very own meme collection to promote their watch collection called #TFWgucci #fortheculture. Marketed memes – its a no from us (well, Tamika anyway).

B+A Big Up 

You can go and watch 3 beautiful pieces of work at the Royal Opera House for between £3-£10 tomorrow. Yup you read that right. For less than a tenner you can see David Dawson’s first work for The Royal Ballet, an acclaimed ballet by Christopher Wheeldon and a new creation by Crystal Pite.

Tickets are still available for tomorrow’s performance if you snap em up quiiiiick. Go go go!

The Human Seasons/ After The Rain/ Flight Pattern

Thursday 23rd March, 7.30pm

Royal Opera House, Bow Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9DD

B+A Bye…

’til next week, friends. But before we leave it is ‘B+A-helpful-but-massively-unsolicited-advice-sign-off-time’…

a) remember to move your clocks forward on Sunday. Or don’t. It could be a handy excuse for a while.

b) be wonderful to at least one wonderful mother that day too.

Team B+A x