New B+A Teamie, Local archives, Boom for Real & Data science (B+A Bulletin #119)

New B+A Teamie, Local archives, Boom for Real & Data science (B+A Bulletin #119)

Hullo 2018. Happy New Year, friends.

Hoping you all had a wonderful festive break, and spent at least some of it doing exactly whatever your heart desired. We’re rooting you on to kill it this year in whichever way you envision. We believe in you. You got this.

Let’s get to the first B+A Bulletin of 2018.

Our ‘brilliance’ section is particularly brilliant this week, just sayin’…


B+A Brilliance

First things first. We got a new teamie in B+A HQ. His name is Luke. We’re so excited to have him on board. This is him, in a very condensed nutshell:

South-East LDN. Born and bred. Opinionated. Reliable. Affable. Efficient. Music. English. History. Mainly music though. Alotttta music. Contemporary. Electronic.  Fusions of categories. “Weird noise”. Piano. Sax. Clarinet. Voice. Quadruple-threat. Former-Nandoca + former-Barbican intern (hi B+A clientele). Perma-culture farmer. Ecuador. Badass. 

If you want to find out more from the main man himself, drop him a little message on his brand new werk email [[email protected]].

B+A Books etc.

Not all learning comes from books, true stories. Andrew started his Christmas break by visiting one of the UK’s most brilliant, but probably undervalued civic institutions: the local borough archive. Yeah, that’s what the Missingham gets up to on his first day of the festive break! Set in the Grade 1 listed building, Bruce Castle, Haringey’s archive is a treasure trove of one of the UK’s most dynamic, diverse locations. Here’s a pic he found of Alexandra Palace back in 1930, between the 1876 and 1981 fires (some buildings have all the luck). Local archives; Use ’em or lose ’em…

B+A Big Up

We know you’ve heard this before, but this serves as another reminder because we really want the best for your life. Click this link and get tickets to see Basquiat’s ‘Boom for Real’ – you’ve got until January 28th to make it happen.

Extra unsolicited but helpful advice though: if you book Saturdays for 6pm and 7pm, you can join a young Barbican member who guides you through the exhibition. Peruse SAMO’s work in your own time and get a young person’s unique perspective on the artist’s life and work. Win win.

B+A Babble

This is a long-ish babble, but the best ones are. Here’s an interview from Logic magazine with an anonymous data scientist who has been in the game for decades. It de-mystifies, calls BS on buzzwords and was conducted over beer, so naturally, it’s super honest: “I would say the people who are the most confident about self-identifying as data scientists are almost unilaterally frauds.” Don’t hold back now, anon. He delves in to A.I, robo-financial advisors and racist algorithms. Super interesting, super geeky.


B+A Bye

Until next week, keep on keepin’ on!

Love, Team B+A x