NYC, Hercule Florence, Tom Sachs & Black is the New Black (B+A Bulletin #102)

NYC, Hercule Florence, Tom Sachs & Black is the New Black (B+A Bulletin #102)

B+A Breaking

Evenin’ one and all.

Ah here we are on another premature Wednesday. Hope you’re all well rested and energised from your long bank holiday weekend people. It’s Tamika here, live and direct from an Airbnb in Shanghai with pretty poor wifi, so we’re keeping it short and sweet this week.

All aboard B+A Bulletin #102… hop on in now…

B+A Brilliance

This is an image taken by Andre last week in NYC. Ben’s there this week too, keeping busy.

B+A Books etc.

Rosy introduced us to Hercule Florence. A renaissance man before being a ‘renaissance man’ was cool. Heck, he even invented the term ‘photography’ before photography was fully a thing (no joke…look it up). If you happen to be in Monaco in the next month, give the NMNM gallery a visit. They are currently hosting an exhibition of his work. If not, do some desk research on Hercule. He’s brilliant!

B+A Big Up

Andre just found out about Tom Sachs (for all you art connoisseurs out there, forgive him for his lateness). New York artist. Mad scientist (of sorts). Homemade everything. Although his latest piece is a lyrics video with Frank Ocean, we are most impressed with his 2010 short film/ instruction manual 10 bullets. It is Sach’s definitive guide to studio decorum and a perfect introduction to his work ethic. Check it out!

B+A Babble


Earlier this year photographer and filmmaker, Simon Frederick, came to chat with us at B+A HQ about his series ‘Black is the New Black’. It was nothing short of phenomenal. Don’t miss your chance to catch him in a live discussion with some of the contributors from the show. Soho House special. Book now, or if you’ve got that hustler’s mentality, beg, borrow or blag a ticket.

B+A Bye…

“If you smile at the mirror, the person in the mirror will smile back at you”. See you next week!
– Team B+A