Outliers, Thought Leaders, Martin Herbert, The Brothers Size & the Grammys (B+A Bulletin #123)

Outliers, Thought Leaders, Martin Herbert, The Brothers Size & the Grammys (B+A Bulletin #123)

B+A Breaking 

It looks like we’ve got something up our sleeves, again!

We’re starting up Outliers, a 6 month paid internship at B+A. We are looking for young people who want to get a foot in the door of the employment world. They would have to be 18-21, very curious and entrepreneurial.

They are either thinking about not going to uni or have dropped out in the past year.  Young people with potential, you know, like the young people you know…

If you know one or two young geniuses that fit this bill perfectly (or if you are that young person), please encourage them to apply http://blog.bandaequals.com/outliers2018. Applications close Friday 2nd March!

B+A Brilliance

If you want a 4 minute masterclass on what it takes to be a thought leader, please watch this groundbreaking video. Please please watch if you’re in need of a giggle.

B+A Books etc.

Rosy brought this collection of essays by Martin Herbert to our attention – his work considers various artists who have withdrawn from the art world or adopted an antagonistic position towards it. Providing a counterargument to a concept of self-marketing within the industry, Herbert examines the nature of retreat. Word to Herbert. Word to Little Wayne who once philosophised “real g’s move in silence like lasagne.”

B+A Big Up

Beg, borrow or steal a ticket to go and see this. It deserves ALL THE AWARDS. Guarantee you will belly-laugh, well-up and leave wondering how Tarell Alvin McCraney managed to write both ‘The Brothers Size‘ and ‘Moonlight’ at the same. damn. time.

B+A Babble

When it came to this bunch of Grammy awards, only one woman was seen accepting a solo award during Sunday’s broadcast: Alessia Cara, who was named Best New Artist. Flop. Part of the reason for the gender imbalance among the winners was the gender imbalance among the nominees. But Recording Academy president Neil Portnow just reckons women just need to “step up.” Illuminating, especially whilst the whole team is reading ‘Lean Out‘.

P.S. Stats C/O The Annenburg Foundation.


B+A Bye…

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