Peckham Library, Women in cryptocurrency, The Coaching Habit, the Solow Building & Afrofuturism (B+A Bulletin #126)

Peckham Library, Women in cryptocurrency, The Coaching Habit, the Solow Building & Afrofuturism (B+A Bulletin #126)

Hey you wonderful people,

What’s going on? How’re you doing?

We’re thinking about a nugget of wisdom from the one and only Dizzee Rascal today – “there’s a world outside the manor.” Every teamie at B+A spends one day out of the office (our manor), because you gotta be committed to find inspiration – you gotta explore. True stories.

This is one of our work settings this week – Peckham Library – the only community library to have won a Stirling prize for architecture + with the wickedest selection of ‘world music’ (whatever that actually means). Ace.

Bulletin #126 let’s get it…

B+A Brilliance

Last Christmas, the B+A team were all gifted with £100 worth of Ethereum which we review quarterly, assess and decide what to do with. Today, as Ethereum prices dropped pretty dramatically (boo), we came across this article which takes a look at the women who are trying to make sure female voices shape the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. There’s little talk of ‘leaning in’ or ‘leaning out’ – they’re focus on discussing the actual work. Big fans.

B+A Books etc.

Coaches are currently front of mind here at B+A – both arrivals and departures (did you know we all have a coach? It’s the very talented and lovely Sara Robinson.) As part of the work we do, we find ourselves coaching clients through change of one sort or another. One of our go-to books – the best books for breaking down the way we like to approach it – is Michael Bungay Stanier’s The Coaching Habit. If you’re new to coaching, start by reading this book and then ask ‘and what else?’

B+A Big Up

Andrew and Andre are back in NYC, and sent this pic of the Solow building near Central Park. Why are we bigging it up? Well, it’s not that it’s been a bit player in various movies (Superman, Zoolander, Cloverfield). It’s not that it’s where Chandler off of Friends worked. It’s not even that it’s got a Henry Moore in the lobby and a Joan Miró out back. No, it’s the brazen 70s confidence of Gordon Bunshaft’s design. Like a pair or loon pants (very on trend rn) in glass, steel and concrete. Let’s hear it for bold confident modernist.

B+A Babble

Yep. We’re talking Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. The latest offering from Marvel embraced Africa in costume, language (Xhosa) and post-colonial narrative. The world of Wakanda was afro-futurism at it’s finest. This term, coined by cultural critic Mark Dery in his 1994 essay “Black to the Future,” refers to an aesthetic that infuses science fiction and fantasy with cultures of the African diaspora. Wakanda forever.


B+A Bye…

Until next week folks. Be good or don’t get caught. Team B+A x