Pudding.Cool, Paris is Burning, Notting Hill Carnival & The Eclipse (B+A Bulletin #101)

Pudding.Cool, Paris is Burning, Notting Hill Carnival & The Eclipse (B+A Bulletin #101)

B+A Breaking

Hey wonderful people. What’s new?

So, riddle us this… how do you know it’s August in London? 1. You have no idea whether to dress for rain, sun or wind because, well, it all happens within the same day 2. The office feels kinda empty because everyone is def on their holibobs. Same, same. If you are in the city, here are some light-hearted links for your pre-bank holiday weekend. Yasssss. Let’s do this yo…

B+A Brilliance


In another episode of ‘we’re losing our shit because data is so cool’. A gem of a site B+A were put on to also feel the same way, if not stronger, about spreadsheets, cells and numbers. Pudding.cool have chronicled the ‘unlikely odds of making it big‘ – using data spanning 3 years and 75,000 gigs in New York city. Beware, you’ll spend hours on this site – we’ve warned you.

B+A Books etc.

Reading: “Shade comes from reading; reading came first. Reading is the real art form of insult.” Yes, this is a massive reach for this segment but an interesting one nonetheless. Public service announcement for everyone who hasn’t seen ‘Paris is Burning‘, the intimate glimpse into 1980’s Harlem drag balls yet – it is on Netflix, and so excellent that you really won’t wanna chill…

B+A Big Up

It would just be plain wrong not to big up Notting Hill Carnival on this edition, no? If you can’t get down to West London on Sunday aka ‘kids day’ or Monday aka ‘way too much Wray+Nephew day’, you can now for the first time enjoy [limited] vibes from the comfort of your own home before heading to the afterparties, fetes and functions *airhorn*

B+A Babble

So apparently there was more to America’s total solar eclipse than first class Instagram fodder. Click the picture above to find out what the world can learn from Monday’s experience : science is a beautiful thing (if you don’t believe us, read along!)

B+A Bye…

Laters pals. Be good to yourselves. Love always, team B+A x