Resolution! at the Place, Disney’s Three Rooms, Justin Timberlake & Oprah (B+A Bulletin #120)

Resolution! at the Place, Disney’s Three Rooms, Justin Timberlake & Oprah (B+A Bulletin #120)

So there’s a forest of supine pine on the pavements here in London, and the nights are cold and long, but fear not – B+A is here to bring you tidings of new year joy.

Tamika’s with Rosy in Portland and Andre is (still) chilling on holiday, so for old time’s sake, you’ve got me, Andrew.

Welcome to B+A Bulletin #120. Let’s crack on…

B+A Brilliance

Resolution! at the Place is an annual showcase for up and coming choreographers hosted by London’s home for contemporary dance. Featuring 81 artists, with around 3 works per night, it starts Friday, and goes on until Jan 23rd – it’s always well worth checking out.

And while we’re on a dance tip, here’s something wonderful from Emmy Award winner Tessandra Chavez at December’s Choreo Cookie’s showcase in San Diego (best played with your headphones on).

B+A Books etc.

Our ever-stylish friends at Imagist had this waiting for us in our office when we returned in the New Year. If you’ve ever been in a B+A workshop, you know Disney’s Three Rooms is a brainstorming technique we’re fond of. And now, courtesy of Colm, Lucy, Rose and the gang, we’ve got it as a rather beautiful kit. Thanks guys!

B+A Big Up

Justin Timberlake’s video for his new single, Filthy, is a goodie. Director Mark Romanek packs a lot in: tech entrepreneurs as the new rock stars, conferences as the new stage and, with JT channelling Steve Jobs from the wings, he even elegantly probes a question I’m increasingly asking myself: should I grow old gracefully, disgracefully or not at all? Oh, and the tune’s pretty good too (though he’s right:  “haters gonna say it’s fake”…)

B+A Babble

You saw this, right?

If not, it’s worth reading the transcript of the full 9 minutes.


B+A Bye…

One last thing before we go – you’ve seen our website’s now in Chinese, haven’t you? Check it out. Safe to say, translating English to Chinese is a cinch compared to translating “Tamikaese” into Chinese. That gave Amanda a headache or two!

再见! 下周见!
See you next week…
Team B+A x