#RiceBunny, Susie Orbach’s ‘In Therapy’, 100 Design Projects at CSM & The Zuckerberg Interview (B+A Bulletin #133)

#RiceBunny, Susie Orbach’s ‘In Therapy’, 100 Design Projects at CSM & The Zuckerberg Interview (B+A Bulletin #133)

Happiest of hump days, people.
How you feeling on a scale of 1-10? We hope you’re doing what you need to do to keep swimming.

Right this second we’re designing a new book, making art and organising an event in Shanghai (all whilst getting our problem-solve on 24/7, of course).

Shall we go on a mini-adventure? Fancy it? This is edition 133 of B+A Bulletin. Enjoy the ride…

B+A Brilliance

The #MeToo movement gained traction at the end of last year and is still in full force. In China, this hashtag was quickly blocked on Weibo. However, a bunch of savvy Chinese feminists found a way around it—they began using #RiceBunny in its place along with the rice bowl and bunny face emoji. When spoken aloud the words for “rice bunny” are pronounced “mi tu,” a homophone that evades detection.

B+A Books etc.

Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of minding your own business this one isn’t for you. If you’re a fan of people-watching, the human psyche and why we consciously/ unconsciously do chaotic ‘ish, this one is for you. Psychotherapist Susie Orbach lets listeners eavesdrop on (reenacted) private conversations with her patients in her 15-minute therapy sessions. Snooping available in traditional book format too. Major takeout thus far : the subtle power of an ‘mmm hmm’ moving a conversation tons deeper.

B+A Big Up

Andre signed up to university for the first time to do a short course at the world-famous Central St.Martins. The course is called 100 design projects, hosted by the ‘Ideas are your only currency’ author Rod Jenkins. Over 4 (very intense) days he learnt a little bit of graphic design, storyboarding, product design and architecture. No computers. No internet connection. Just paint, pens and paper. The dream. He’s come back very excited.

B+A Babble

As any juggler will tell you, if the throw is right the catch will come. We put A LOT of thought in to the way we ask questions at B+A, so we were left thinking ‘yoooo what was up with the lacklustre questioning of zombie-Zuckerberg?’ We have a feeling the array of fluffy questions has everything to do with an individualistic internal culture in congress. Ask clear questions as a unified squad, get clear answers, right?

B+A Bye…

Unsolicited advice time : treat yo’self this week.
You work hard, you’re a wonderful person and we think you should recognise that.

Love, Team B+A x